Past Issues

From Patch to Practice: An Overview of Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems

Authors  Jayapal Reddy Gangadi, Kokkula Pavan Kumar and M. Kannadasan, 1, 2, 3Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Motherhood University, Roorkee, Uttarakhand-247661

Ensuring Stability and Accuracy: Bioanalytical Validation of Elexacaftor, Ivacaftor, and Tezacaftor in Human Plasma by HPLC Analysis

Authors  Swathi Alle, Ramakrishna Ubbani, Jayapal Reddy Gangadi, Seema Tomar and Pavan Kumar Kokkula

A Review on Chewable Tablet and its Granulation Techniques

Authors  Km Ashu Devi* and G. Gnanarajan

Analysing The Role of Colours and Preservatives in Food Products: A Qualitative Study

Authors  G. Kalyani*, P. Roja, Vijaya Kuchana and Zaib Unnisa