Past Issues

Door Lock Based Ignition System

Authors  Anbarasan V, Deepak Kumar M, Varun Kumar M

Hydrogeochemical characterization and assessment of groundwater quality in Nalgonda District, Telangana State of India

Authors  Swetha Garimella, Machendar G, Y. Prashanthi, Ramchander Merugu

Assessment of groundwater quality using spatial variation technique

Authors  G. Shyamala, J. Jeyanthi, R. Gobinath, I. I. Akinwumi, M. Maheswari

Design and Development of Non Novel Based Catalytic Converter for DI Diesel Engine

Authors  Dillip Kumar sahoo, G. Mathiselvan

Experimental Study on Chemically Synthesized Bricks

Authors  Vignesh T, Kumarappan N

An Update on Bioremediation Potentials of Purple Non Sulphur Phototrophic Bacteria

Authors  RamchanderMerugu, Swetha Garimella, Karunakar Rao Kudle, Ramesh Malothu, Laxminarayana Eppakayala

Analysis of combustion and pollutant formation in diesel engine at various EGR using CFD (neem/diesel blend)

Authors  Sebalraj S, Thirunaukkarasu V, Balaji G

Preparation of new culture medium for culturing Leishmania parasite by using Semolina and Rock candy

Authors  Sabaa taher mohammed

Reinforcement Effect of Nano Silica on Tensile set Properties of the Tire side wall Batch

Authors  Ali.K. Sultani, Sameer H. AL-Nesrawy, M.H. Al-Maamori

A review of Zika virus: Pathogenesis, Clinical presentation and Development in research

Authors  Harpreet Singh, Lalit Sharma, Prince

A New Validated RP-HPLC Method for the Determination of Emtricitabine and Tenofovir AF in its Bulk and Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

Authors  N.MD. Akram, M. Umamahesh

A Novel Transdermal Drug Delivery System and Its Applications in Present Scenario

Authors  B. Bhuvana, S. Nagalakshmi, S. Shanmuganathan

Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activities of the Phenolic Compounds from the Fruit of Toona Sureni

Authors  M. Taufik Eka Prasada

Experimental and theoretical spectroscopic investigations of 4-Bromo-3-methylbenzonitrile

Authors  A Ajaypraveenkumar, Shajikumar, R. Ganapathi Raman

Theoretical Investigations and Second Harmonic Generations Studies of 2-Amino-5-Nitrobenzophenone

Authors  S. Shajikumar, A. Ajaypraveenkumar, R. Ganapathi Raman

Air Brake System using the Application of Exhaust Gas in IC Engines

Authors  Arunprasath S, Veeranaath V

Optimization of Operational Cycle Time for Testing Of Filter Pop-Out Indicator for Helicopter Gearbox Application

Authors  V.S. Harish, K.G. Muthurajan, G. Murali, L. Ravi Kumar

Improving Performance of vapour compression refrigeration system by using PCM in evaporator

Authors  J. Anandakumar, K. Pajaniradja Kichena

Three Tire Proxy Re-Encryption Secret Key (PRESK) Generation for Secure Transmission of Biosignals in Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks

Authors  M.V. Karthikeyan, J. Martin leo Manickam

Isolation and Identification of Bcteroides fragilis Isolated from Women with Bacterial Vaginosis in Hillah City

Authors  Zahraa K. Salman, Iham A. Bunyan, Bushra J. Umran

Evaluation of Anticancer Activity of Apigenin Alone and combination with Imatinib in SCID Mice Bearing K562 Disseminated Leukemic Model

Authors  Prithvi Raj N, Mohammad Azamthulla, Anbu J, Ramachandran Balaji, Satheesh Kumar R

Hemoglobin/ Ferrous ammonium sulphate catalyzed green synthesis of Triarylimidazoles

Authors  Sowmya Vanguru, Shaik Baji Baba, Pavani Sirikonda, Ramchander Merugu, Laxminarayana Eppakayala

Detection of WSS Virus on Banana Prawn, Peneaus mergueinsis By PCR Technique

Authors  Jayabarath J, Uma Maheswari R, J. Maanusha, B. Bhavanisowndharya

Performance and emissions analysis of natural gas-diesel dual fuel mode

Authors  Maddula Sai Sandeep, Monish Naidu Vemireddi, Nooka Sai Krishna, Nayan Mirgal, M. Mohamed Ibrahim

Utilization of Planting Media of Charcoal Coconut Shell and Charcoal Rice Husk in Kale (Ipomea reptans Poir) Cultivation to Reduce Ammonia, Sulfide, Copper, and Zinc Content in Hydroponics System

Authors  Deswati, Irwan, Hamzar Suyani, and Refilda

Fabrication a solar cell by synthesize a new nano particles of Quinoline derivative and its metal complex with studing the optical, structural and morphological properties

Authors  Ahmad H. Ismail, Ahmed N. Abd, Hayder K. Kareem

Analysis of Chronic kidney Diseases using Bio-impedance measurement

Authors  D.K. Kamat, Archana A. Pawar, P.M. Patil

Fabrication of thin uranium source for alpha spectrometry using one shape of Pt- anode

Authors  Ali A. Jabbar, Dhia H. Hussain1, Mohammed D. Majeed, Yasir A. Hamad

A review on the impact of nanotechnology and nanomaterials on society

Authors  Hugo Zea

A High Sensitive Method for the Simultaneous Determination of Abacavir and Lamivudine in Human plasma by using Liquid chromatography-electro spray ionization tandem mass spectrometry and application to a pharmacokinetic study

Authors  Ramesh Adepu, Leela Mohan Kumar Pallapothu and A. Ashok Kumar