Past Issues

Design & evaluation of buccal tablets of drug loaded microspheres

Authors  Muruganantham V*, Jaykar B

Formulation and evaluation of controlled release microspheres containing acid resistant polymers

Authors  Pasupathi.A* and Jaykar.B

Comparison the effect of stevia extract with glucose and fructose on dental enamel caries formation

Authors  Loghman Rezaei-Soufi1 , Shahrbanou Raedi2, Mohammad-Yousef Alikhani3, Farshid Vahdatinia4,Adnan Farazyani5, Seyed Mostafa Hosseini3, Mina jazaeri4*

Effect of family centered care on patient`s family satisfaction in intensive care unit

Authors  Monireh Jahangiri1, Farshid Karimi2, Alireza Gharib3, Foad Rahimi3

Quality of Life of in Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis in Sanandaj, Iran

Authors  Alireza Garib, Fateme Khosravi, Rozita Eftekari, Jaleh Kavakeb, Foad Rahimi

In-vitro evaluation of anti-kinase, anti-phosphatase and cytotoxic activities of Mikania micrantha H.B.K. (asteraceae) from Malaysia

Authors  Azlinah Matawali1, Lee Ping Chin2, How Siew Eng2 , Lee Hong Boon3 and Jualang Azlan Gansau2

Development, characterization and evaluation of Simvastatin solid lipid nanoparticles loaded transdermal patch

Authors  Vijaya Bhaskar.N1*, Ravi Prakash.P1, Devanna.N2

Impact of industrial effluent on ground water and surface water qualityA case study of Dhampur region (U.P.), India

Authors  Matta Gagan1*, Chauhan Amit1, Kumar Avinash1 and Kumar Ajendra2

Protein separation using chitosan immobilized magnetic nanocomposite

Authors  G. Baskar*, X. Heronimus Melvin, R. Naveenkumar

Mercury, lead and arsenic: impact on environment and human health

Authors  Gagan Matta1* and Laura Gjyli2

Assessment of physicochemical properties of metformin hydrochloride (850mg) tablets marketed in Syria

Authors  Oussama Mansour*, Mostafa Isbera

Quantification of oxolamine phosphate in human plasma by LC-MS/MS

Authors  D. Praveen Kumar*, D. Srinivasa Rao

Experimental investigation of the effect of welding current, voltage and gas flow rate on welding characteristics of TIG welded S31603 material

Authors  Jeya Jeevahan*, G.Britto Joseph, G.Mageshwaran, N.Manikandan

Experimental process of re refining used lubricating oil (straight or branched paraffinic synthetic oil) by vacuum distillation and extraction through additives

Authors  P.M.James, C.Jenson, G. Mageshwaran*, G. Britto Joseph

Experimental Study on Nanofluid Fuel and Its Effects on the Performance of CI Engine

Authors  S.P.Venkatesan1*, P.N.Kadiresh2

Comparing the healing effect of Lotus Corniculatus Hydroethanolic Extract and phenytoin cream 1% on the rat’s skin wound:A Morphometrical and Histopathological Study

Authors  Masoumeh Asadbegi1, Naser Mirazi2, Mehran Vatanchian3, Alireza Gharib*4

Increasing Prevalence of Multiple Sclerosis: Biomarkers Theranostic Strategy from Bench to Bedside- A Review

Authors  Rastegar Rahmani Tanha1, Omar Ghaderi2, Alireza Gharib3, Mojtaba Aliakbarpour Anzab4, Reza Ahmadi5, Azita Mahmoodi6, Mahtab Mojtahedzadeh1, Ayoob Rostamzadeh7*

The facial profiles, occlusal plane relationships, and dental spacing in children aged 3-6 years

Authors  Mohammad Esmaeilzadeh1, Zakiye Donyavi2, Porousha Mahjoub3, Soudeh Tayebi3*,Gholamhossein Ilampour4

Study of Failure Mechanisms in GFRP Laminates during Drilling by AE Technique

Authors  K. Chinnadurai, P. Senthilkumar

Effects of thermal barrier coating on single cylinder C.I engine fueled with diesel and biodiesel

Authors  S.Mohankumar*, P.Senthilkumar S.Jenoris Muthiya, A.Jayanth Joseph

Experimental optimization on durability of exhaust valves in CI engines

Authors  Dr.P.Senthilkumar, R.Pradeep, E.R. Sivakumar

Enhancing Efficiency of SI Engines using Water Induction with Assistive Hydrogen Compensation

Authors  R.Rajesh*, Dr.P.Senthilkumar

Reduction of Nox emissions in Diesel engines by selective Catalytic reduction using Dual Layer Catalyst configurations

Authors  A. Jayanth Joseph*, P. Senthil Kumar, S. Jenoris Muthiya, S. Mohan Kumar

Investigation of effective storage capacity of Lean NOx Trap coated with NOx storage Materials

Authors  S. Jenoris Muthiya*, P. Senthil Kumar, S. Mohan kumar, A. Jayanth Joseph

Analysis of Ultra Graphite Implemented Brown Soil of Cauvery Delta Zone

Authors  A. Mohamed Haroon Basha1*, Rathinam Chandramohan2, Pandian Kannan3 , M. Ganesan4

Formulation and Evaluation of Immediate-Release Solid Dosage Form Containing Niacin and Guggul as Antihyperlipidemic Agents

Authors  Asha Byju Thomas*, Ambika Pankaj Kulkarni, Rabindra Kumar Nanda, Lata Prasad Kothapalli,Trupti Dattatray Shetane

Experimental and mathematical modeling in a DICI engine with various combustion chambers

Authors  S.Arumugam*, K.Pitchandi, P.Karthik Selvan

Evaluation of Nootropic Potential of Vanda Spathulata Extract Using Different Experimental Models in Mice

Authors  Rajaneekar Dasari1* , D. Sathyavathi2 , Jayachandra Reddy. P3

An Exhaustive Analysis of Code Converters as Pre-Classifiers and K means, SVD, PCA, EM, MEM, PSO, HPSO and MRE as Post Classifiers for Classification of Epilepsy from EEG Signals

Authors  Harikumar Rajaguru*, Sunil Kumar Prabhakar

Combined approach of intercropping and INM to improve availability ofsoil and leaf nutrients in fruit trees

Authors  Shailesh Kumar Singh1*, Madhu Sharma1, P. K. Singh2

Evaluation of multiple sclerosis patients through structural biomarkers of diffusion tensor magnetic imaging and correlation with clinical features

Authors  Daryoush Fatehi1 , Farhad Naleini2, Mohammad Gharib Salehi2, Alireza Gharib3, Mohammad Farzizadeh2,Ayoob Rostamzadeh4

A rare case with basilar invagination anomaly in craniocervical junction: role of CT & MRI

Authors  Daryoush Fatehi1 , Farhad Naleini2, Mohammad Gharib Salehi2, Alireza Gharib3, Ayoob Rostamzadeh4

Review on Micro Incremental Sheet Forming

Authors  A.K.Jeevanantham

Sustainable Concrete with Waste Tyre Rubber - An Overview

Authors  A.Sofi

Role of diffusion tensor imaging as an imaging biomarker and theranostic tool in structural imaging of traumatic brain injury

Authors  Mohammad Gharib Salehi1 , Hossein Masoumi2 , Rastegar Rahmani Tanha3, Farhad Naleini1,Alireza Gharib4, Ayoob Rostamzadeh5

Influence of blood group on the character traits -A cross-sectional study on Malaysian student population

Authors  Jyothsna Patil1, Naveen Kumar1*, Shakta Mani Satyam2,Kavinesh Kupusamy3, Lam Ming Han3,Raudah binti Rozan3, Raveender Kaur Gill3

Extraction and analysis of bioactive compounds as antioxidants from plants: Review

Authors  Chandran Masi*, Naveen Kumar K R, Umesh R

Role of magnetic resonance imaging and cross sectional images inNeuroanatomy Course Syllabus

Authors  Daryoush Fatehi1 , Farhad Naleini2 , Mohammad Gharib Salehi2 , Alireza Gharib3 , Milad Zandkarimi4 ,Masoud Hoseinipourasl4 , Ayoob Rostamzadeh5

Region Based Image Segmentation using Cuckoo Search Algorithm

Authors  M.Mary Synthuja Jain Preetha1, Dr.L.Padma Suresh1, M.John Bosco2

Aerial Image Classification Using Regularized Least Squares Classifier

Authors  Sharanya Chandran, Sajith Variyar V V, Nidhin Prabhakar T V, Soman K P

Rough Set Reduct Algorithm based Feature Selection for medical domain

Authors  T.Keerthika1* , Dr.K.Premalatha2

A Survey on Current Research Trends in Electro Discharge Machining and Their Performances on MRR, TWR and SR

Authors  R. Rajesh*, M. Dev Anand

Robot Fault Diagnosis Part - I: A Retrospective Analysis

Authors  D. Sivasamy1*, M. Dev Anand2 , V. Krishnama Naidu3

Prediction Performance of Emission Characteristics of Mauha Methyl Ester with Diesel Using ANN

Authors  S. H. Jamshak*, M. Dev Anand

Study and Analysis of a Cryogenic Pressure Vessel Design for the Storage of Liquefied Natural Gas

Authors  M. Dev Anand1, R. Rajesh1*, K.A. Janardhanan2, I.J. Rohit2

Increasing Amount of Pyrolysed Oil Using Modification of Reactor and Condenser of Pyrolysis Setup

Authors  K. Venkatesan1* and M. Senthilkumar2

Effect of Copper Oxide Emulsion Cashew Nut Shell Pyrolysed Oil Blended on the Performance and Emission of a DI Diesel Engine

Authors  K. Venkatesan1* and M. Senthilkumar2

Cloud Computing: Emphasizing Load Balancing TechniquesOpportunities and Challenges

Authors  Prantosh Kumar Paul1*, R Senthamarai2

Modelling and Analysis of a Crankshaft in a Single Cylinder Four Stroke Petrol Engine

Authors  N.Arivarasan1*, T.Velmurugan1, K.M.Parammasivam2

Effects of solution treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of 316 L and 430 L Duplex Stainless Steels sintered in different atmospheres

Authors  M.Sudhahar1* , R. Mariappan2, C.Revanth3

A Low Power and High Speed Pipeline Architecture using adaptive Median Filter for Noise Reduction in image Processing

Authors   S.Nirmal Raj*, S.Ashok, P.Bala Vengateswarlu, G.VishnuVardhan Rao

Look Ahead Clock gating using an Auto gated Flip flop for Low Power Application

Authors  C.Subin Raj*, S.Jebasing Kirubakaran, P.Bala Vengateswarlu

Optimization of Process Parameter in Machining Inconel 800 by Electrical Spark Eroding Machine

Authors  Purusothaman.D1*, Suresh Kumar.S2, Saravanan.R3, Sivakumar.B.G4

A Study on Bamboo Reinforced Concrete Slabs

Authors  Maruthupandian.G1*, Saravanan.R2, Suresh Kumar.S3, Sivakumar.B.G4

Fabrication and Characterization of Steel Wire Embeded Gfrp Composites

Authors  Dr.A.Devaraju*, R.Periyardhasan

Design and Development of Automatic Belt Tensioning Mechanism

Authors  Karthik B*, Vinoth Kumar K

Effect of process parameters on mechanical properties of friction stir welded AL6063 & AL7075

Authors  R.Saravanakumar

Structural and dielectric properties of Ni+2 doped Chromium Ferrite by Solution Combustion method

Authors  Abdul Khader S1*, Mohamed Shariff S1, Firdous Nayeem1, Basavaraja J1, Madanakumara H2,Thyagaraj M S3

Structural and dielectric studies of Ni+2 doped Magnesium Ferrite by Solution Combustion method

Authors  Asiya Parveez1* , Sunar Abdul Khader2

Metaphorical Studies of Millponds Aquapura encompassing Coimbatore

Authors  R.Mahalakshmi1*, K.Rathina2, M.Umadevi3

Structural and optical properties of spray pyrolysised tin disulphide thin film

Authors  P.Raju1, K.Vijayakumar1, J.Joseph Prince2,L.Amalraj3

Growth of Sodium acid phthalate (NaAP) single crystals for harmonic generation applications

Authors  D. Saravanan1 , G. Ramesh Kumar2 , S. Gokul Raj3* , B. Sivakumar4

GC-MS analysis of Gymnema sylvestre leaves methanolic extract for antidiabetic and anticancer drug identification

Authors  K.Thirunavukkarasu1*, P.Rajkumar1 , S.Selvaraj2 , S.Kumaresan2

Influence of annealing time on the structural and electrical properties of CdO thin films coated by sol- gel spin coating method

Authors  P.Umadevi1*, M.Vivekanand1, N.Prithivikumaran2

Synthesis, growth, spectral, optical, thermal, dielectric and nonlinear optical studies of new arylidene crystal: 2, 6-Difurfurylidene cyclohexanone

Authors  S.Sathiamurthi1* and P.Srinivasan2

Synthesis, crystal growth and structural characterization of lithium fumarate semi-organic single crystals

Authors  R.Subash Chandra Bose, K. Balasubramanian

Analysis and design optimization of electrodes setup for MPD thruster

Authors  S. Sarathkumar, S.Vijaikumar, S. Thanigaiarasu

Analysis of base-jet exit shape on the wake axis mean velocity and velocity fluctuation behind circular cone

Authors  M. Sundararaj, S.Harish, S. Elangovan and B.T.N. Sridhar

Application of active control technology to aircraft control surface

Authors  Sivakumar S

Computational Investigation of Subsonic Flow over Backward-Facing Step

Authors  V. Giridharan, K.S. Mahesh, D. Hasen

Computational Study on wake velocity distribution over Parabolic series nose cone

Authors  Harish S

Estimation of Stress Intensity Factor for Natural Rubber with Toughened GFRP

Authors  Divyabarathi P, Adikeshavan P, Syedhaleem M

Experimental and numerical analysis of sandwich composite Delamination behavior

Authors  Adikeshavan P, Divyabarathi P, Syedhaleem M

Trajectory Simulation and Fuzzy Control for a Parafoil Payload Delivery System

Authors  Syedhaleem M, Divyabarathi P, Adhikeshavan P, Sarathkumar S

Active landing gear behaviour on heavy landing

Authors  Sivakumar S

Aerodynamic Performance of Passenger car by Experimental Method

Authors  D. Hasen, S. Harish, V. Giridharan

Computational Analysis of Natural Rubber with Toughened GFRP

Authors  Divyabarathi P, Adikeshavan P, Syedhaleem M

Computational Study on Surface pressure distribution and base pressure distribution over parabolic series nose cone

Authors  Harish S, D. Hasen, V. Giridharan

Effect of circular exit shape base jet injection ratio on the velocity distribution along the wake axis of an elliptic cone

Authors  M Sundararaj, S Elangovan & BTN Sridhar

Numerical Study of Mixing in Shear Layers

Authors  Shear Layers Syedhaleem M, Saravana Kumar N

Programmed Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy in Fundus Images utilizing Wavelet Features

Authors  Venkatraman K

Pulse Stimulator for Paralysed Limb

Authors  Venkatraman K

Universal file format exchange for biomedical signals

Authors  Vasuki Ramesh, N. Lijisha

Web Based Medical Image Storage and Retrieval Using Irma

Authors  Vasuki Ramesh, T. Balasankar

A Fuzzy Based Secured Telemedicine System

Authors  R. Vasuki, Kripa N

Computerized Interferential Therapy

Authors  Krithika Mohanraj, SundarRaj M, K. Venkatraman

To Study on Impact of Hydrostatic Bearing Used In Automobile Industry

Authors  V. Srinivasan, R. Kausalya, B. Satheesh

Ventilator Controlled Sleep Apnea Monitor for Children

Authors  N. Kripa, R. Vasuki

Experimental study on utilization of ceramic wastes in concrete

Authors  Aarthi Harini T

Waste water treatment using constructed wetland with Water Hyacinth (Eichornia crasipies)

Authors  Aswathy M

Study on effect of cone diameter in cone penetration test on sandy soil

Authors  P. Dayakar, K. Venkat Raman, K.V.B. Raju

Analysis of traffic congestion at Medavakkam and proposal for its remedial measures

Authors  Gopikrishna J

Site suitability assessment for residential areas in south Chennai region using remote sensing and GIS techniques

Authors  K. Ilayaraja, Ravi Kant Singh, Niranjan Rana, Ratnesh Chauhan, Naren Sutradhar

Studies on Enhancement of Solubilization and Biodegradation of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbon Using Acacia Concinna - A Natural Surfactant

Authors  J. Jayavelmurugan, J.R. Thirumal

A Study On Compressive Strength Of Paving Blocks Prepared With Stone Crusher Dust And Flyash

Authors  B. Kaviya

Study on time space management in work zones from Tambaram to Chengalpet in NH45

Authors  Kiruthiga K, Prashanth R

Major Factors Affecting the Execution of Total Quality Management in the Construction Industry in India

Authors  K. Kiruthiga

Assessment of risks in the purchase process of construction companies

Authors  Kiruthiga K, Vignesh P

Experimental behavior of retrofitting of prestressed concrete Beam with FRP laminates

Authors  T.P. Meikandaan

Partial replacement of coarse aggregates in concrete structures

Authors  S. Pradeep Saravanan

Technical development in modern construction industry

Authors  Pradeep Saravanan S

Improving safety performance in construction industry

Authors  S. Pradeep Saravanan

Study of Ground Water Quality in Chengalpattu

Authors  S. Rajesh

Effect of raw and re-engineered GFRP waste as an admixture in cement concrete

Authors  P. Sachithanantham, P. Dayakar, K.V.B. Raju

Construction water quality of Selaiyur Lake

Authors  Shamini Valentina D

Isolation based service in mobile environment

Authors  B.Sundarraj, K.P.Kaliyamurthie, R.Udayakumar

Effective monitoring of systems in LAN using virtual server network computing

Authors  J. Sridhar, K.P. Thooyamani

Vulnerability assessment methodological elements of reinforced cement concrete structures to earthquake – case study

Authors  J.R. Thirumal, S. Dillibabu

Improvement of sandy soil by low pressure grouting using cement grout

Authors  K. Venkat Raman, P. Dayakar, K.V.B. Raju

Study on the effect of fly ash with the expansive soil on different temperatures

Authors  K. Venkat Raman, P.Dayakar, S. Sankaran

Experimental study on light weight foamed concrete

Authors  Aswathy M

Life cycle cost analysis of green construction: a comparison with conventional construction

Authors  C. Hema

Study on Cement Concrete Using Glass Powder

Authors  C. Hema

Effect of high range water reducers on sorptivity and water permeability of concrete

Authors  M. Hemapriya, T.P. Meikandaan

Estimation of Land Surface Temperature of Chennai Metropolitan Area using Landsat Images

Authors  K. Ilayaraja, Wasi Reza, Vivek Kumar, Sourov Paul, Ravindra Chowdhary

A review on application of fiber reinforced ferro-cement as a material for water tanks

Authors  J.R. Thirumal, J. Jayavelmurugan

Waste Water Treatment using Probiotics

Authors  L. Maria Subashini

Mitigation of air pollution in sponge iron industries

Authors  L. Maria subashini

Study on properties of concrete with partial replacement Of cement by rice husk ash

Authors  T.P. Meikandaan

Study on various technologies in wastewater treatment

Authors  D. Rachel Evangelene Tulip

Impact study of groundwater quality in Sivakasi command area

Authors  S. Rajesh

Morphometric parameters of micro watershed in Paravanar Sub-Basin, Cuddalore District

Authors  K. Ilayaraja

Study of Strength characteristics of recycled aggregate in high strength structural concrete

Authors  Md.Zafar Equbal, T.P. Meikandaan

Analysis of traffic and management at Kovilambakkam intersection

Authors  R. Chitra

Retrospective Analysis of a Theoretical Model Used for Forecasting Future Air Quality near The North Chennai Thermal Power Plant

Authors  M.P. Chockalingam, S. Palanivelraja

Design and Development of Embedded Image Capturing & Processing System

Authors  K. Gopalakrishnan, G. Senthilkumar

N-Bit CMOS Comparator Using Parallel Prefix Tree

Authors  K.Gopalakrishnan, V. Sidharthan

Study on characterization and application of Polyaniline (PANI) and Fly ash composites

Authors  K. Gopalakrishnan, S. Poonguzhali

Effect of grinding wheel loading on force and vibration

Authors  M. Prem Jeya Kumar, J. Hameed Hussain, R. Anbazhagan, V. Srinivasan

Tyre contact forces and calculation of translatory velocities

Authors  M. Prem Jeya Kumar, J.Hameed Hussain, V. Srinivasan, R. Anbazhagan

Low Power Consumption Using CMOS VLSI Design in Modern Trends

Authors  B. Satheesh, K Gopalakrishnan, V. Srinivasan

Feasibility Study on Car Carrier (Trailer) Design Optimization

Authors  R. Anbazhagan, C.M. Mahendran

Face Recognition System Using Embedded System

Authors  K. Gopalakrishnan, G. Senthilkumar, B. Satheesh

Enhancing web mining approach with ontology

Authors  A. Sangeetha, C. Nalini

Analyzing user Search goals with feedback session using GAP

Authors  C. Nalini, A. Sangeetha Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences April - June 2016 E -314 JCPS Volume 9 Issue 2 Implementation of Antivirus based on Distributed Computing in GRID Architecture

Authors  AR. Arunachalam, A. Chandrasekar

An effective waste tracking system for hospitals

Authors  AR. Arunachalam, A. Chandrasekar

Effective assistance and interaction among e-doctors using cloud computing

Authors  AR. Arunachalam, A. Chandrasekar

Marketing Opportunities with Social Networks

Authors  B. Sundarraj, K.P. Kaliyamurthie, R. Udayakumar

Protecting Approach in Mobile voting for Human Identification

Authors  B. Sundarraj, S. Pandiarajan, R. Udayakumar

Secured Privacy Preserving Sharing and Data Integration in Mobile Web Environments

Authors  C. Anuradha, V. Khanna

An analysis on adult datset in a decision tree using rapid miner tool

Authors  D. Kerana Hanirex, K.P. Thooyamani

A Class Based Knowledge Rule System for Measuring Climate Change

Authors  C. Rajabhushanam, M. Sriram, J. Sridhar

Imposing patient data privacy in wireless medical sensor networks through homomorphic cryptosystems

Authors  K.P. Kaliyamurthie, K. Sivaraman, Ramesh S

An approach to multi secure to historical malformed documents using integer ripple transfiguration

Authors  K.P. Kaliyamurthie, P.C. Balasubramanian

Dipping interference to supplement throughput in MANET

Authors  G. Kavitha, R. Kavitha

An analysis to improve throughput of high-power hubs in mobile ad hoc network

Authors  G. Kavitha, R. Kavitha

To progress throughput by using interference aware Loose-virtual-clustering

Authors  G. Kavitha, P. Ramya

Leader election based malicious detection and response system in MANET using mechanism design approach

Authors  G. Michael, A. Chandrasekar

Modeling of detection of camouflaging worm using epidemic dynamic model and power spectral density

Authors  G Michael, A Chandrasekar

Disintegration and collection of stirring entity route based on choice gesture

Authors  Jeevitha G, Sriram M, Sridhar J

DOS primarily based attacks in service level parameters

Authors  K.G.S. Venkatesan, R. Udayakumar

Wireless communication enables information transfer in ad-hoc network

Authors  K.G.S. Venkatesan, V. Khanaa, R. Udayakumar

Univariate analysis for information agglomeration

Authors  K.G.S. Venkatesan, R. Udayakumar

Implementation of an Extension for Browser to detect vulnerable elements on Web Pages and avoid Clickjacking

Authors  K. Sivaraman, V. Khanna

Cloud computing in mobile technology

Authors  K.Sivaraman, K.P.Kaliyamurthie

Synthesizing Telephony Using Linear-Time Epistemologies

Authors  M.Sriram, R.M.Suresh

Simulating IPv4 Using Constant-Time Archetypes

Authors  M. Sriram, R.M. Suresh

Pervasive, Decentralized Configurations for Access Points

Authors  M. Sriram, R.M. Suresh

Mobile large data storage security in cloud computing environment-a new approach

Authors  N. Priya, J. Sridhar, M. Sriram

Vehicular cloud computing security issues and solutions

Authors  N. Priya, J. Sridhar, M. Sriram

April - June 2016 E -428 JCPS Volume 9 Issue 2 Novel approach for identifying bugs using text classification and information retrieval

Authors  S. Sri Gowthem, M. Sriram, J. Sridhar

Dispersed approach direction-finding in wireless networks

Authors  P. Ramya, N. Sakthipriya

Disguise and request diversion using monto corlo method

Authors  R Kavitha, G Kavitha

An organization for software distinct networks based on Many-valued logic

Authors  R. Kavitha, G. Kavitha

Rationale of computer security using a-priori algorithm

Authors  R. Kavitha, G. Kavitha