Past Issues

Remediation of silver nitrate activated spent adsorbent prepared from cassava peel by Trichoderma reesei

Authors  Parvathi C1*, Shoba U S2

Kinetic and thermodynamic study of acid red 131 dye decolourization by Aspergillus niger

Authors  Miruthula S1, Dr.S.Sridhar2*

Lived experiences of hope in mothers with NICU infant (Aphenomenological study)

Authors  Susan Penjvini 1*, Mohamad Saleh Hejrani2, Majid Mansouri3

Effect of variable compression ratio on performance and emission for a diesel engine fuelled with waste plastic pyrolysis oil blended with diethylether

Authors  Devaraj J1*, Y. Robinson2, P.Ganapathi3

An unsupervised change detection system for satellite images with various dimensions

Authors  D.Beulah David*, Dr.M.A.Dorairangaswamy2

Multi stage interleaved voltage quadrupler Dc-Dc converter with minimum conduction loss

Authors  S Kalanithi*, R Vivek Krishna

Multiple-client data management using robust database pattern design

Authors  S. A. Ramesh Kumar1, C.Ashwini2, E. Rajeshwaran3

Analysis of Singular Value Decomposition as a Dimensionality Reduction Technique and Sparse Representation Classifier as a Post Classifier for the Classification of Epilepsy Risk Levels from EEG Signals

Authors  R.Harikumar1, P.Sunil Kumar2

GCC over Heterogeneous Wireless Ad hoc Networks

Authors  M.Rajesh1*, J.M Gnanasekar 2

New spectrophotometric determination of copper (II) using an organic reagent derived from imidazole and 4-aminoantypyrine and applied onto different samples

Authors  KhdeejaJabbar Ali*, Layla Ali Mohammed*, Fatima Jabbar Ali, Haider Norri Raheem

Assessment of Sugar Effluent on Soil Contamination analysed by SEM

Authors  N.Sathish1*, P.Karthiga2, J.Donjayaraj3

Etroplus maculatus fish fed with incorporated pigeon meal and its aminoacid profile analysis

Authors  Deborah Paripuranam*

Design and Implementation of Single Phase Cascaded Multilevel Grid Connected Inverter with Reduced Switches Using Photovoltaic Systems

Authors  S.Ramarajan1, S.Satish Kumar2, T.Arun Srinivas3

Studies on in-vitro Anti-inflammatory activity of Acmella oleracea metabolic compounds

Authors  Ms. Susmitha Sudevan1, Ms. Shalini Sundar1, Ms. Ranganayaki.P1, Ms. Aswathy Guptha1, Ms.Shafina,J 1, and Dr. Vijayaraghavan Ramasamy2

The relation between haptotropic rearrangements and RBA in estradiol complexed

Authors  Mohamed AbdEsselem Dems1, 2, 3, Nadjia Latelli2, 3 and Nadia Ouddai2

Development and validation of a RP-HPLC method for simultaneous estimation of pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6) and its degraded products formed under effect of different solvents

Authors  Elsadig H. Kh. Adam*1, Ramadan I. Al-Shdefat2

Chemical analysis of leaf essential oil of Cinnamomum tamala from Arunachal Pradesh, India

Authors  Vishwam Sankaran*, Anubhav Chakraborty, Karnan Jeyaprakash1, Murugan Ramar, David Raj Chellappan2

Synthesis, characterisation and anti-microbial activity of 1-[2-Substituted hydrazine carbothioamido]- 4- - benzyl piperazines

Authors  Chidara. Mahesh1*, Satla. Shobha Rani2

A BIST TPG for high fault coverage and low power dissipation by VHDL implementation

Authors  1Prabhakaran G,2Praveen A

Methodological review on recovery of gold from E-waste in India

Authors  P. Prasanna Natesha*, S.Govindaradjaneb, S.Pradeep Kumarb

A comprehensive survey on oceanography parameters for developing ocean wave displacement prediction system

Authors  Hiral Trivedi*, Monika Shah, Pooja Shah

Seasonal changes in water quality indices –a case study in chennai city and its surrounding districts

Authors  Arivarasi R, Madhavi Ganesan

Study of emissions from diesel engine by addition of additives

Authors  J. Jegan Raj

Phyto-remediation of urban lakes in and around Chennai

Authors  G.Priyanga, B.Abhirami, N.R.Gowri

Suitability of groundwater in and around Tannery industrial belt

Authors  D.SivakumarA*, A.N.Kandaswamy, V. Kalpana Priya, S.Hemalatha

Toxic metal removal by Eichhornia crassipes

Authors  D. Sivakumar*, Manish Kumar Mandal

Modified sample and hold circuit for SAR-ADC

Authors  Balachandran.G*, Kandasamysuryaprakash.N, Dinu Anand.U

Thermodynamic analysis of J-T system using blend of hydrocarbons with Al2O3 nano lubricant

Authors  V. Natarajan

Biodegradation kinetics of caffeine by Leifsonia sp. strain siu

Authors  SitiAqlima Ahmad1, Salihu Ibrahim1,2, MohdYunus Shukor1,Wan LutfiWan Johari3,4,Nor ArinaAb Rahman1, and MohdArif Syed1

Hepato toxicity of lead in Indian major carp Labeo rohita (Rohu) - A Fourier transform infra red study

Authors  Pandi Prabha, S.1*; Johanna Rajkumar

Nanoparticles embedded biomaterials in wound treatment: a review

Authors  R. Deepachitra 1, R.Pujitha Lakshmi 2, K.Sivaranjani 3, J.Helan Chandra 2, T.P. Sastry1*

The degradation of carbazole and the production of ligninolytic enzyme by isolated marine fungi

Authors  Mohammad Farhan Darin bin Azri, *Azham bin Zulkharnain, Awang Ahmad Sallehin Awang Husaini,Siti Aqlima binti Ahmad

Disrupting Rhodococcus sp: a competent method for genomics and proteomics

Authors  1,2Norazah, M.N,2Jayasree, N,*1Ahmad, S.A, 1Shukor, M.Y, 2Abdul Latif, I

Investigation of keratinase activity and feather degradation ability of immobilised Bacillus sp. Khayat in the presence of heavy metals in a semi continuous fermentation

Authors  Ibrahim Yusuf1,2, Mohd Yunus Shukor1, Mohd Arif Syed1, Phang Lai Yee3, Nor Aripin Shamaan4and Siti Aqlima Ahmad1

Acetylcholinesterase from Puntius javanicus for the detection of carbamates and organophosphates

Authors  Mohd Khalizan Sabullah1,2, Siti Aqlima Ahmad2, Mohd Yunus Shukor2, Nor Arifin Shamaan3, Ariff Khalid4, Azlan Jualang Gansau5, Farrah Aini Dahalan6 and Mohd Rosni Sulaiman1

Synthesis and reactivity of coordinated bidentate monothio-β- Diketonate of trivalent transition metal ions

Authors  M. Merlin

Enzymatic retting of Piper nigrum L. using commercial Pectinase(Peelzyme)

Authors  Dayang Syahreeny Bt Abang Mustafa, Azham B Zulkharnain*, Awang Ahmad Sallehin B AwangHusaini

Optimized production of indole acidic acid with phosphate solubilizing activity using isolated Bacillus pumillus

Authors  Iyyappan J1*, Prasanya C1, Ramya Devi G1, Ramkumari V1

Advances in drug delivery for cancer treatment

Authors  Vinodhini G, Sakthi Chandini D, Magima D, Seenuvasan M*

Cholinesterase-based biosensor using Lates calcarifer (Asian Seabass) brain for detection of heavy metals

Authors  Nursabrina Mohd Hayat1 , Nor Aripin Shamaan2, Mohd Yunus Shukor1, Mohd Khalizan Sabullah1, Mohd Arif Syed1, Arif Khalid3, Farrah Aini Dahalan4, Khalilalh Abdul Khalil5 and Siti Aqlima Ahmad1*

Substrate specificity of angular dioxygenase from carbazole-degrading bacterium Neptuniibacter sp. strain CAR-SF

Authors  Azizah Bt Ahmad, Azham B Zulkharnain*, Awang Ahmad Sallehin B Awang Husaini

Effect of methanolic and ethyl acetate leaf extract of Diospyros discolor against gram positive and gram negative bacteria

Authors  Gouri S Vijayan and J Helan Chandra

Comparison and optimization of xylene cyanol uptake by natural and synthetic adsorbents

Authors  Mary Mini A1*, S.Sridhar1, Diana Florence D1

Isolation, screening and characterisation of cyanide-degrading Serratia marcescens strain aq07

Authors  Kabiru Ibrahim Karamba1,2, Mohd Yunus Shukor1, Mohd Arif Syed1, Azham Zulkharnain3, Nur Adeela Yasid1, Ariff Khalid4, Khalilah Abdul Khalil5 and Siti Aqlima Ahmad 1*

Differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetry for the detection of Cd2+and Pb2+in sediment samples using BI/RGO modified glassy carbon electrode

Authors  1S. Meenakshi,2M. Merlin, K.Pandian*

Fault tolerant reconfigurable shift register architecture using CNTFET

Authors  Ramya.A1*, Ranjith.S2, Binu Siva Singh S.K3

A survey on methodologies for LI-FI (Light Fidelity) technology

Authors  S.K. Binu Siva Singh1, S.Vignesh2, M.Athiban MahaMathi2

Speech and text recoginition for hearing and visually impaired people

Authors  HareeshBabu M.V*, Kalicharan.G, Ganesh Babu E.S

A new defected ground structure for proximity coupled antenna

Authors  1Jhansi Rani.R, 1Aravind.R*, 1Hari Narayanan.M,2Lakshmi.S

A novel scheme for charging battery in plug-in hybrid electric vehicles

Authors  B.Balabharathi*, M.Praveen, S.Ramarajan, M.Sasi Kumar

Quality conditioner using nine switch converter for power quality enhancement and voltage sag alleviation

Authors  Pravina P*, Kavitha Kumari K.S, Reena Joshi Vince V

The comparative study on diesel and photovoltaic water pumping system for different crops

Authors  P.Wilson*, T.Arun Srinivas, M.Sasi Kumar

Voltage sag mitigation using solar fed DVR based on fuzzy logic controller

Authors  T.Arun Srinivas, K.Bharathi, P.Wilson, V.Sridevi

Design and simulation of single phase cascaded multilevel grid connected inverter using photovoltaic system

Authors  G.Balasundaram1, Dr.S.Arumugam2, C.Dinakaran3

Interleaved quadrupler DC –DC converter high voltage gain with low voltage stress

Authors  Veeramani G*, U Arul, Rajarajeswari P, Sridevi V

Increased efficiency solar PV panel using integrated techniques

Authors  Sudha Rajayogan 1, M. AtchaiViknesh 2, Vivek Venkatasubramanian 3, RajKumar J 4

Energy improvement in solar PV tracking systems

Authors  P.Shunmugakani1, M.Visalakshi2, Priscilla Gomes3, N.Ayishwariya4