Past Issues

Removal of cyanide and heavy metals from gold plating industrial waste water

Authors  Joshua Amarnath D1*, Rajan S2, Suresh Kumar S3

Application of biosorption as a pollution control treatment

Authors  V. Karthik1, K. Saravanan2, B.Suganya Devi3, P.D.Sharmilee3, A.Manimegalai3

Review on microbial decolourisation of textile dyes

Authors  V.Karthik1, K.Saravanan2,Teema Thomas3, M.Devi3

An overview of treatments for the removal of textile dyes

Authors  V. Karthik1, K. Saravanan2, P.Bharathi3, V.Dharanya3, C.Meiaraj3

A novel GC-MS for the determination of Clopidogrel bisulfate in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage forms

Authors  Samer Housheh1, Saleh Trefi1, Mohammad Haroun2 and M. Fawaz Chehna1

Colorimetric determination of Cefpodoxime proxetil by chelation with Mercury (Hg II) ions

Authors  G. Kamalesh*, Madhuri.D, G.Nagarajan, K.Manasa, E.V.S.Naveen, S.Mufissunisa

A review on Hypoglycemic, Hypolipidemic and Anti-obesity effect of Allium sativum

Authors  Verma Rohit Kumar1, Goswami Shambaditya2*, Singh Ajay Pratap2, Tripathi Poonam2, Ojha Garima2, Rai Mayank2

Formulation and evaluation of Pitavastatin nanosuspension

Authors  B Pragati Kumar and Akbar Ali Baig

Evaluation of hepatoprotective activity of Elaeocarpus ganitrus leaf extract against CCl4 induced liver damage

Authors  Anusha, Janarthan M

Influence of Fenofibrate on the pharmacodynamic activity of Glimepiride in rats and rabbits

Authors  Murthy TEGK1, Manogna Kumari K2, Jithendra Ch2 and Mayuren C3

Phytochemical screening of bioactive compounds of Artemisia nilagirica (clarke) pamp

Authors  Parameswari.P1 and Devika.R2

Steady-state concentration of drugs in plasma: a pharmacokinetic model for clinicians

Authors  Philip J.G.M. Voets, BSc.1,2 and Lucas W.LM. Voets1

A novel approach of interstrain docking in accelerating the process of lead identification in Pneumonia

Authors  Balasankar Karavadi, M.Xavier Suresh

Receptor-Ligand Interactions and Simulation Studies in S.Pneumoniae: An in-silico approach

Authors  Balasankar Karavadi, M.Xavier Suresh

Marine algae for agricultural sector for high yield

Authors  P. Rajasulochana, 2P. Krishnamoorthy

Protective effect of Methanolic extract of Rhizome Calamus Rotang Linn on Carbon Tetra Chloride induced Hepatotoxicity in Rat

Authors  Dr.D.Varalakshmi1, Dr.T.Abhinov2