Past Issues

The microbial quality assessment of confectionary products in Lorestan province, West of Iran

Authors  Reza Sepahvand1 , Mahmoud Bahmani2* , Homa Ahmadi-Roozbahani3 , Tahmineh Rajabi1 ,Maryam Tavasoli1 , Maryam Keshvari1 , Alaleh Mohareri1 , Sara Moridi1

Microbial quality assessment of pasteurized milk of supplied to Loerstan province market, Southwest of Iran

Authors  Reza Sepahvand1 , Mahmoud Bahmani 2* , Homa Ahmadi-Roozbahani3 , Masoum Hatamikia1 ,Maryam Tavasoli2 , Tahmineh Rajabi2 , Kobra Bahari1 , Roshanak Fatehi1 , Maryam Keshvari1

The survey of fungal contamination in provincial flour milling industry, Lorestan province, West of Iran

Authors  Morovat Taherikalani1 , Reza Sepahvand2 , Homa Ahmadi3 , Masoum Hatami-Kia2 , Sara Moridi2 ,Kobra Bahari2 , Maryam Keshvari2 , Roshanak Fatehi2 , Mahmoud Bahmani4*

Staphylococcus phytotherapy: An overview on the most important Iranian native medicinal plants effective on Staphylococcus aureus

Authors  Morovat Taherikalani1 , Hassan Hassanzadazar2 , Mahmoud Bahmani3 , Babak Baharvand-Ahmadi4 ,Mahmoud Rafieian-kopaei5*

Review of the medicinal herbs effective on labor and cesarean section pain in Iran

Authors  Babak Baharvan-Ahmadi1 , Mahmoud Bahmani2 , Mahmoud Rafieian-Kopaei3*

A summary on the prominent herbal medicine effective for beauty, skin hygiene and wound healing in Iran

Authors  Babak Baharvand-Ahmadi1 , Mahmoud Bahmani2 , Mahmoud Rafieian-kopaei3*

Determination of trace elements in tap water using pixe technique

Authors  Arif Reza1*, Mohsin Rafique2 , Nisar Ahmad3 , Athar Naeem3 , Shahzad Saadat3 , M. Shahnawaz3

Kinetic and thermodynamic study on the removal of methyl orange from aqueous solution by adsorption into pine cone

Authors  Emna Zouaoui1*, Ferial Krid1 , Yasser Hermouch2 and Mohamed. Salah. Medjram1

Alzheimer s disease and the role of infectious Agents: A review

Authors  Masoud Sabouri Ghannad1 , Seyed Mostafa Hosseini1 , Hamid Kazemian2 , Alireza Gharib3

Two Rare Cases with Aortic Dissection: future prospective in imaging

Authors  Ayoob Rostamzadeh1 , Farhad Naleini2 , Alireza Gharib3 , Daryoush Fatehi4

Decode_HMM_MLCS: An efficient algorithm to identify Multiple Longest Common Subsequence (MLCS) in Large DNA Sequences by using Decoding HMM

Authors  1B. Devika Rubi,2Dr. L. Arockiam

Design and implementation of area efficient embedded transition inversion coding for serial links

Authors  G..Sankar Babu1 , M.Anto Bennet1* , G.Janakiraman2 , R.Kaushik Krishna1 , S.Jaya prakash1 ,B.S.Jayavignesh1

The study of Number and Reasons of Discharge against Medical Advice Following the Implementation of Health Overhaul Plan

Authors  Saleh keshavarzi1 , Mohammad Iraj Bagherisaweh1 , Salam Vatandost1*, Parasto Hosayni2

The Efficacy and Mechanism of Herbals Action on Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1: A review

Authors  Masoud Sabouri Ghannad1 , Seyed Mostafa Hosseini1 , Alireza Gharib2

Geo-polymer ferrocement slabs- An Experimental Investiagtion

Authors  A.Sofi1, Pranav Phalpher2 and Manas Pratap Singh2

Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma – an overview

Authors  Jayalalitha Sathiyamoorthy, Natarajan Sudhakar

Novel derivative spectrophotometric methods for the quantification of Capecitabine

Authors  Mondal Sumanta*, Reddy Narendra and Seru Ganapaty

Recursive_ LCS_Pattern: A Recursive Pattern Matching algorithm to identify Longest Common Sequences in DNA Sequences

Authors  B. Devika Rubi*,2Dr. L. Arockiam

Development of vapour absorption A/C system using waste heat from an Engine exhaust

Authors  G. Mageshwaran*1 , B. Sathish kumar 1, T. Sekhar vijay 1 , Ujjwal Mohanty1 , P. Mohan Kumar2

Feasibility Study on Developing Hydrophobic Skin Material for Aircraft Structures

Authors  M. Shanmugaraja, S.Bala Subramanian, and S.Lalith

Back Propagation Model for Estimating Communications Network Reliability

Authors  A.Asuvaran1 , Dr. G. Elatharasan2* , V.M. Illayaraja Muthaiyaa2

Design optimization of connecting rod in heavy commercial vehicles

Authors  V.M. Illayaraja Muthaiyaa1, T. Parameshwaran Pillai2 , G.Elatharasan1

Chemical and Elemental composition study of Musa Acuminata xBalbisiana Colla (AB Group) banana plant for the Production of bioethanol

Authors  L.Manoj Kumar, N.Vedagiriswaran, K. Kumaraguru

Synthesis, Growth and characterization of NLO single crystal: L-Histidine tetrafluroborate

Authors  S. Arockia Avila, A. Leo Rajesh

Growth and Characterization of organic 4-Aminopyridinium oxalate single crystals

Authors  K.Balasubramanian1 , A.Ponchitra*2

Physical Properties of Morpholin-4-ium p-aminobenzoate: A Novel Organic NLO crystal from Benzoate Family

Authors  G. Shanmugam1 , K. Thirupugalmani2 , S. Karthick2 , V. Kannan3 , S.Brahadeeswaran2*

Investigations on vibrational and optical properties of 4-chloro 2-nitroaniline for Nonlinear Optical Applications

Authors  K. Sangeetha1 , R. Mathammal2* , L.Guru Prasad3

Growth and characterization of L- Proline dimercury chloride: NLO single crystal

Authors  G. Ramesh1 , R. Uthrakumar2 , M. Chandrasekar3 , M. Subash2 , C. Inmozhi*4

Synthesis, growth & characterization of pure and doped

Authors  L-Histidine acetate crystals A.Senthamizhan1* , Dr.T.Panchatsaram2

Investigation on growth, thermal, SEM and SHG studies of novel semi organic NLO crystals

Authors  V.S.Kumar1, R.S.Sundararajan2

Growth of Lithium Sulphate doped L-threonine for the study of Bioactivity and NLO behavior

Authors  J. Elberin Mary Therasa1*, D. Jayaramanb1 , V. Josepha2

Electrochemical Synthesis and Surface Characterization of Anodic NonPorousAlumina Coatings (ANPAC) by Anodization

Authors  R. Senbahavalli and V. Raj

Evolving strategies for energy planning in India

Authors  Habeebur Rahman.T*, Iniyan.S

Experimental investigation of aluminium alloy with glass-flax fiber reinforced hybrid composite

Authors  Dinesh C, Ranga Raj R, Sivakumar P, Sivasakthi M

Synthesis and characterization of nickel ferrite nanoparticles by sol - gel auto combustion method

Authors  R.Kesavamoorthi, A.N.Vigneshwaran, Vijayalakshmi Sanyal and C.Ramachandra Raja

A Modified Process for Deprotinization of Green Grab Shells(Carcinus maenas) Extraction of Chitin/Chitosan

Authors  Kirubanandan Shanmugam

Cannons of Dindigul Fort- A marvel of Indian metallurgical skill

Authors  Rajendran S, Thilak Kumar S, Syed Abuthahir1, Sobiga C1, Valentine Nancy P, Sivasankari M1,Sumitha R1, Syed Zahirullah S

Luminomagnetic hydroxyapatite nanoparticles for biomedical applications

Authors  S. Karthi1 , G. Suresh Kumar2 , E.K. Girija1

Electrochemical Impedance and Dielectric studies on PEOPVA with NH4Cl based proton conducting polymer electrolyte

Authors  S. Edwinraj, P. Pradeepa, K. Selvakumar, S. Mekala and M. Ramesh Prabhu*

Diagnosis of Dielectric Characteristics of Film Capacitor with nano fillers

Authors   R.Ramkumar1*, R.K.Harish2, T.Then Thiruppathi2, V.M.Illayaraja Muthaiyaa2

Synthesis of colloidal starched silver nanoparticles by sonochemical method and evaluation of its antibacterial activity

Authors  D.Jansirani*, N.Karthick Raja, RJ.Hariprasanth, S.Sweetin Preethi, R.S.A.Sorna Kumar

Modelling and control of micro grid with solar system

Authors  S.Ganesh1*, Janani Gayathri.J2, R. Kanimozhi1

Evaluation of Structural and Optical parameters of spray deposited ZnO thin films for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Application

Authors  A. Amala Rani and Suhashini Ernest

Growth and properties of multifunctional spray deposited ZnO thin films for vapor sensor application

Authors  Fairose S1 , Suhashini Ernest1* and Shaheer Mohammed K.M2

Preparation and characterization of CdIn2S4 thin film grown by nebulized spray pyrolysis technique

Authors  J.Raj Mohamed1,2, L.Amalraj1*

Magnetized-Nano Catalyst KF CaO-Fe3O4for Biodiesel Production from Beef Tallow

Authors  B Vijaya Kumar1, K Ramesh2, P Sivakumar*1, V Santhosh1, A Sakthi Saravanan3,Muralidharan N G1, N Yasvanthrajan1

Adsorption and inhibitive properties of ethanol extracts of Acacia Nilotica as a green corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in acidic media

Authors  K.Mahalakshmi1*, R.Nithya2, M.J.T.Nithyananthi1

Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation of rice bran and ground nut shell for the production of ethanol

Authors  William Johnson Arokiasamy*, Vinoth Arulraj Joseph Xavier, Chozhavendhan Sivasankaran,Praveen Kumar Ramanujam, Sathish Alagurajan, Rahul Rajkumar

Strategic formulation of bio-pesticide using phyto-chemical ingredients for improvised Abelmoschus esculentus field efficacy

Authors  Govindasamy Vinodhini1, Ganesan Suganya1, Selvaraj Selvanaveen1, Madhava Anil Kumar1,Jayaraj Iyyappan2, Muthulingam Seenuvasan3,

In vitro cytotoxicity of copper oxide nanobiocomposites synthesized by Catharanthus roseus flower extract against breast cancer cell line

Authors  G.Baskar*, K. Sathivel, Garrick Bikku George

Immunomodulatory effect of Cassia alata petals in Garra rufa (Doctor Fish)

Authors  R.Jayasree*, R. Prathiba, S.Sangavi

In silico anticancer analysis of bioactive compounds in Vitex altissima l and Vitex leucoxylon l

Authors  Santhanabharathi Naganathan1, Vivek Pazhamalai*2, Anupama Natarajan1,Hemachandran Munusami2, Gayathri Kothandaraman1

A comparitive study on in vitro susceptibility, synthesis and characterization of green and chemical mediated iron nanoparticles

Authors  Vinoth Arulraj Joseph Xavier1*, Chozhavendhan Sivasankaran1, WillimJohnson Arokiasamy1,PraveenKumar Ramanujam1, Karthikraja1, Bharathiraja alasubramaniyan2

Experimental Measurement of Transport properties and Thermodynamic Consistency Test of Binary Liquid Mixtures

Authors  K. Sathya1*, R. Baskaran2, T. R. Kubendran3

Isolation of a biologically active component from the flowers of Moringa oleifera

Authors  R.Anuradha, M.Kaviyarasi *, R.Priya

Comparative study on the effect of additives using Avena sativa (Oats) and Cicer arietinum(Bengal Gram) for ethanol production

Authors  Jenila Rani.D1*, Parthasarathy.N1, Johanna Rajkumar2, Dhasarathan.P1

Effect of hydrotropes on solubility, mass transfer coefficient and thermodynamic properties of the drug Meftal Spas

Authors  L. Anitha Jegadeeshwari, N. Arunodhaya, E. Vasanth Kumar and N. Nagendra Gandhi*

Effective extraction of total phenolic compounds bearing anti-obesity activity from Eucalyptus globulus

Authors  Jayaraj Iyyappan1, Mugam Nathan Balamurali2 , Rajan Bhuvaneshwari2,Gurunathan Baskar3, Muthulingam Seenuvasan4*

Antioxidant activity of essential oil extracted from enicostemma littorale

Authors  Gayathri P K1 , Sathish Kumar K2*

Studies on removal of formaldehyde from industrial wastewater by photocatalytic method

Authors  Ezhilkumar. P1*, Selvakumar.K.V1 , Jenani R1 , Koperun Devi N1 , Selvarani M1 , V. M. Sivakumar2

Treatment of paper industry effluent using electrochemical method

Authors  K. Senthilkumar*, P. Akilamudhan

A study on the immobilization of acid xylanase on chitosan from chitin of shrimp shells

Authors  Millicent Mabel.M1*, Parthasarathy.N2 , Johanna Rajkumar1 , Gururaj.PN1 , Thulasi Priyadharshini.M1

Isotherm study for removal of copper from copper electroplating industry effluent using Moringa Oleifera seed powder

Authors  D.Sivakumar1*, D.Shankar2, V.Dhananjeyan1, S.Sathish Kumar1, S.M.Ashok Kumar1

Removal of toc and cod from municipal solid waste leachate using electrocoagulation cum aeration technique

Authors  D.Sivakumar1*, D.Shankar2, B.Keerthana1, K.Vasuki1

Production and kinetics of amylase from starch using mutant strain of Bacillus Sp MTCC 1434

Authors  B.Bharathiraja1*, M.Jayakumar2, M.J.T.Nithyananthi2, P.Vinosh Muthukumar1, A.Saravanaraj1,K.Senthilkumar3

Exploration of the Potent Bacterial Strain for the Application of Feather Degradation

Authors  P.Saraniya1,2*, R.Baskaran3

Phytochemical investigation and antibacterial activity of salt marsh plant extracts

Authors  Sathish P, Jaswanth G, Gurudhathan K.B, Gopinath J, Gayathri P.K, Yuvaraj D*

A green technology approach for the innovative production of grease

Authors  Dr. K. Senthilkumar1*, S. Sruthi1 , Dr. B. Bharathiraja2, R. Praveenkumar3

Experimental study on Biochemical and Physiological adaptation of Mercury accumulation and tolerance in Clitoria ternatea L.

Authors  1Priya. M*, 2Saravana Raj. A, 2Vinosh Muthukumar. P, 2Bharathiraja. B

Antimicrobial activity of selected spices- a bio preservative approach

Authors  Pavithra Sivakumar, Nikhishaa Sree R, Jessy Padma B, Nithyananthi MJT, Saraniya P and Smila K H*

Acid dye Degradation using electrochemical batch recirculation flow reactor

Authors  K.V.Selvakumar*, N.S.Badarinarayanan, A.Umesh, P. Ezhilkumar, E.Yuvanashree

Dyeing of silk with eco-friendly natural dyes obtained from flower of Plumeria species using single mordants

Authors  Kumaresan M1* and Senthilkumar K2

Application of Synthesized (Ni2+, Ag2+) doped ZnO Nanocatalyst for degradation of Acid Blue 113 by Advanced Oxidation Process

Authors  Ambiga Devi J1 , Ashwin S2, Balaji Dhandapani3

Preparation and Investigation of (Ni0.18Cu0.2Zn0.2) Fe2O4 Ferrites composites by Ball Milling

Authors  Srinithi.J*, Vinosh Muthukumar.P, Aatral.G.V

Media optimization of oyster mushroom cultivation and to increase its nutritive value

Authors  Chandran Masi*, Subhasini.D.C, Kanchana Devi.V and Yuvaraj. D

Recognition of concomitant urinary tract infection in leptospirosis cases

Authors  Thiruvengadam S*, Yuvan Shankar A, Priyanka S, Sameeksha B, Poojitha R and Shwetha K

A review on pi control of statcom for voltage regulation

Authors  Felix Stephen S*, Jacob Raglend I

Prediction of Quality Response by AWJM Process for Aluminium 6061 Alloy Using ANN

Authors  M. Dev Anand1 , K.A. Janardhanan2, K.S. Jai Aultrin1*, D. Kinslin2

Design, Modelling and Study of Magnetorheological Dampers in Suspension System

Authors  Dev Anand M1, Janardhanan K.A2, Gopu P3*, Kinslin D2

Fibre Reinforced Plastic Material with Aluminum Filling Used for Ship Superstructure

Authors  Dev Anand M1 , K.A. Janardhanan2 , R. Rajesh3* , D. Ramachandran4

Processing and Characterization of Aluminium Based Activated Carbon Composite Made By Enhanced Stir Die Casting Method

Authors  Dev Anand M1 , Janardhanan KA2 , Gopu P3* , Rohit IJ4

Robot Fault Diagnosis Using a Novel High Speed Double-Tail Comparator

Authors  D. Sivasamy1*, M. Dev Anand2 , V. Krishnama Naidu3

Use of Electronic Gadgets for Information Seeking Process by Fishermen in Tamilnadu – A Study

Authors  G. Ramadas1*, P. Saravanan2

Modeling and Anlysis of MRR and SR in EDM of AISI 1020 through RSM

Authors  R. Rajesh*, M. DevAnand

Design and Implementation of Multilevel Inverter for Drive Applications with Minimum Number of Transistors

Authors  Austin Johnny M1 , Joseph Jawhar S2

Application of Fuzzy Logic Approach for Prediction of Machining Parameters by AWJM Process on Aluminium 6061 Alloy

Authors  Jai Aultrin KS* , M. Dev Anand

Dynamic Behavior Investigation of a Power Source Inverter for Drive Applications

Authors  M. Austin Johnny1*, S. Joseph Jawhar2

A Study on Green Human Resource Practices in IT Sector with Special Reference to Technopark

Authors  Sharanya SR*, R. Radhika

A Study on stress in women and their behavior and psychological changes at tuticorin thermal power station

Authors  Nelson Vinotha Kumar Xavier P1*, Narayanan T2

Multi-Objective Optimization of Abrasive Water Jet Machining ofAluminium 6061 Alloy by Grey Relational Analysis

Authors  Jai Aultrin KS*, Dev Anand M

Role of leaders for boosting morale of employees in it sector with special reference to Technopark, Trivandrum

Authors  Sharanya SR*, Radhika R

An Intelligent Address Stamping, Tunnel Mode Posting Protocol and Algorithms for DNS

Authors  Chithra D1*. Gracia1 , M. DevAnand2

Problems of Fish Marketing – With Special Reference to Kanyakumari District

Authors  Jasbin Bino. P*, Radhika R

The Impact of ICT Enabled English Language Teaching on the Engineering Students of Rural and Semi-Urban Areas of South Tamilnadu

Authors  R. Abilasha*, M. Ilankumaran

Trusted rumor riding protocol in P2P network

Authors  Mary Subaja Christo1*, Dr.S.Meenakshi2

Advanced Machining Performance Study on Hardened Steel EN 31: A Particle Swarm Optimization Approach

Authors  Xavier Irudhya Raj Y1*, Dev Anand M2, Rajesh R2, Rojith IJ3

Advanced Machining Performance Study on Hardened Steel EN 31: A Differential Evaluation Approach

Authors  Xavier Irudhya Raj Y1*, Rajesh R2, Dev Anand M2, Rohit IJ3

Development and Experimental Analysis of Magneto Rheological Fluid Based Suspension Model

Authors  Dev Anand M1, Kesavan S2, Gopu P2*, Rohit IJ3

Congestion management considering voltage stability and lossminimization using FACTS devices

Authors  Rajesh Retnamony*, Jacob Raglend

Bi-directional Soft Switched Quasi Z-Source DC-DC Converter with Buck and Boost Capabilities

Authors  Madusuthanan V*, Rashmi MR

Fabricated Bandwidth Analysis of Microstrip Hybrid Patch Antenna for C-band Application

Authors  Balaji Vignesh LK1*, Sylvia Lilly Jebarani W2

Crop yield estimation using Isodata clustering algorithm on EO-1 Hyperion data a case study of Coconut crop, Kozhikode, Kerala

Authors  Meera Mohan K1*, Shanmugha Sundaram G.A2

Yield per hectare of rice crop from EOS hyperspectral data analysis

Authors  Kavitha P1*, Shanmugha Sundaram G A2

Dual AGC model based implementation of Auditory Nerve

Authors  M. Dayanandha*, M. Suchetha

Pansharpening using Adaptive Fusion

Authors  Tessy Zacharia*, Geetha P

Enhanced Variational Mode Features For Hyperspectral ImageClassification

Authors  Lekshmi Kiran S*, V Sowmya and K P Soman

A Feature based Detection method using segmented MRI images for Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis

Authors  Authors: Deepika V*, M.Suchetha

Data driven clock gating technique for dynamic power reductionin digital design

Authors  Abhishek Mashetty1*, Rajashekar Reddy Merugu2, Sanjay Dubey1, Vejandla Vijay Bhaskar2

Air Pollution Estimation in Coimbatore District Using Local Meteorological Data in Hysplit4

Authors  Kokila M*, Geetha P

A Review of Human Chromosome Disentanglement Strategies

Authors  Mary Sylvia Jeny Priya*, Helen Sulochana

High performance and area efficient signed wallace tree multiplier using compressors

Authors  Abhilash R*, Sanjay Dubey, Shaik Shafi, Chinnaiah MC

Forecasting short-term stock prices using sentiment analysis and Artificial Neural Networks

Authors  Binoy B Nair1*, Kumar PN2, Sidharth R Prasad1, Lopa M Singh1, Vijayalakshmi K1, Sai Ganesh R1,Reshma J1

Tool wear monitoring using the fusion of vibration signals and digital image

Authors  Krishna Pradeep GV*, Saimurugan M, Ravi Kumar S

Analysis of precipitating clouds using precipitable water vapour

Authors  Archana S, Shanmugha Sundaram G A, Soman K P

Dynamic spectrum of long wave terrestrial radio signals during episodesof ionospheric disturbances caused by solar activity

Authors  Shaik Manoj, Shanmugha Sundaram G.A*

Fourier Descriptor features for Shape Deformation Classification using Random Kitchen Sink

Authors  Shriya Se*, Pradeep D, V. Sowmya, Soman K. P

A case study on cirrus clouds using PWV measurement

Authors  Sugatha Kumari P R, Shanmugha Sundaram G A*, Soman K P

Low dimensional variational mode features for hyperspectral image classification

Authors  Nikitha Nechikkat*, V Sowmya, Soman KP

Theoretical investigation of sunlight based radiation estimation from daylight span in India

Authors  Santhosh S, Shanmuga Sundaram G A, Geetha P, Soman KP

Surface Temperature variation for Large Scale windfarm area in Tamil Nadu

Authors  Kavi Nandhini M*, Geetha P

Impact Analysis of Wind Farms on Air Traffic Control Radar

Authors  Anjana C1*, Sundaresan S2, Shanmugha Sundaram G A2, Soman K P1

Power Management of Television system by User State Recognition

Authors  Noufal Thangal R* , S. Muppudathi Sutha

Study of lower D-region of ionosphere from VLF signal perturbations

Authors  Rashmi G*, Shanmuga Sundaram G A

A Novel Technique of Resolution Enhancement in Hyper Spectral Images on proposed CHLAE Technique

Authors  Dr.T.Arumuga Maria Devi, G.Arumugaraj

Comparison between the parameter values of EBCOT pre encoding technique on hyperspectral band clustering with EBCOT post encoding technique

Authors  T.Arumuga Maria Devi, Ms.I.Rajeswari

An efficient implementation of BB84 quantum key distribution protocol

Authors  Sarath R*, Shajin Nargunam A

Segmentation of Brain Tissue using Fuzzy Local Information C-Means Technique

Authors  Sucharitha M*, Parimala Geetha K

XRD, FT-IR and SEM studies of Cr3+doped CdOZn3 (PO4)2 nanopowder

Authors  Y. Naga Bhaskararao, K. Satyavathi, M. Subba Rao, Sandhya Cole

Experimental and theoretical investigations of ultrasonic speed in binary liquid mixtures of ascabin with isomers of butanol at T=313.15K

Authors  Nyamathullaa Sk1*, Nayeemb Md2

Dielectric studies of Li2O-ZnO-B2O3 glasses doped with copper ions

Authors  Subrahmanyeswara Rao B1 , Jyothi Raju K2 , Naga Raju G3 , Ravi Kumar V3 , Prasad SVGVA4*

Optical Properties and Structural analysis of Pr3+doped CaO-PbO-B2O3- SiO2 glasses

Authors  P. Arun Kumar1, D.V. Krishna Reddy2 , K. Neeraja3 , P. Vijaya Lakshmi1,3, V. Uma Lakshmi1,4, P. V. Srinivas Rao1 , M. Rami Reddy1

Seasonal variation of methane fluxes from rice paddy ecosystems of South India

Authors  S. Venkatesh1* and R. Jayashree2

Finite element analysis of new failure indication device of air suspension systems

Authors  Jeyakarthikeyan PV, Arunachalakani M

Biodiesel as an alternate fuel for CI Engine – A Review

Authors  V. Mathan Raj*, G.Manikandaraja, S.Malarmannan

Examination of mechanical properties of drumstick based composites: a sustainable approach

Authors  T.Rajasekaran*,K. Rajavikraman

Experimental study on the characteristics of surface treated luffa fibercomposites

Authors  T. Rajasekaran*, A. Aravindakumar

Evaluation of mechanical characteristics of treated and untreated sugarcane fiber composites

Authors  T. Rajasekaran*, K. Gokul

Comparative study on the mechanical testing of fiber reinforced polymer composites

Authors  T. Rajasekaran*, S. Vigneshkumar

Design and Fabrication of Composite Shafts

Authors  Jegadeesan. K

Experimental investigations to study the effect of butanol and pentanol addition in a jatropha oil methyl ester fuelled compression ignition engine

Authors  V.Rajasekar

Synthesizing and characterization of Perovskite solar cells from recycled car batteries

Authors  Thavamani J*, Senthil R, Kasiraman G, Ch.Ramakrishna