Special Issues

Synthesis and Characterisation of Biologically Important (E)-1-(2-Chloro/hydroxy-6/8-substituted quinolin-3-yl)-N-[5-(4-substitued phenyl)-1, 3, 4-thiadiazol-2-yl]methanimines

Authors  VineethaTelma D’Souza, Janardhana Nayak

Novel Isoxazoline-1, 2, 4-oxadiazoles: Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial screening

Authors  K.B. Umesha, D. Shridevi Doddamani and N. Srikantamurthy

Method Development and Validation of Aegle marmeleous

Authors  M. Swetha, N. Saritha, N. Devanna

Conductance Study on Solvation Behaviour of Tetrabutyl Ammonium Bromide in 2- Ethoxy Ethanol+Water Mixtures AT 288.15K - 318.15K

Authors  Surekha M, Shivakumar H R, Vivek Padpu

An Investigation on Mechanical, Wear and Morphological Properties of Areca Leaf Fiber-CNT-Epoxy and Eupatorium Fiber-CNT-Epoxy Reinforced Hybrid Polymer Composites

Authors  Sujay M M, Shivakumar H R

A Selective and Sensitive Method Development and Validation by LC-MS/MS Approach for Trace Level Quantification of Two Potential Genotoxic Impurities in Albendazole Drug Substance

Authors  Nelaturi Subbaiah, Gopireddy Venkata Subba Reddy, Nitesh Kanyawar, Manish Gangrade, J. Jayachandran

Fabrication and Properties of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell from Dye Extract from Callindra Haematocephala as Sensitizer

Authors  Prathima Mathias D.A, Ganesha Achary, Sahana B.S and Latha M.V

A Study of effect of dye structure on polyelectrolyte Induced metachromasy

Authors  Nandini R

Synthesis, Characterization and Study of New Thiazole -2-amine Derivative as Corrosion Inhibitors for Mild Steel in 0.5 M H2SO4 Solution

Authors  Manjunath Hegde, S.P Nayak

Synthesis, Characterization, Solvatochromic and Biological studies of novel Benzothiazole based azo dyes

Authors  Maliyappa MR, J Keshavayya, Shoukat Ali R.A, Harisha S

Method development and validation of Enzalutamide pure drug substance by using liquid chromatographic technique

Authors  Jasthi Sandya Rani, Nayakanti Devanna

Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Some Novel Benzofuropyrimidine Derivatives

Authors  Channamma M, Raga Basawaraj and N.V.Kalyane

A Review on Organization practise of Conventional Design of Experiment (DOE) with DMAIC

Authors  Babu Rajesh Kumar, Ramkumar

Computational Study on Heat Transfer from a Shrouded Upright Rectangular Fin Array: A Typical Case Study

Authors  Kankan Kishore Pathak, Asis Giri, Pradip Lingfa

Investigation on the Properties of Concrete by Replacing Coarse and Fine Aggregate with Granite Waste and Crushed Tiles, Quarry Dust

Authors  Aravind S*, Suman Raj A, Sowthri M, Ramakrishnan M, Veera S

Performance Analysis of Fuel Injector in CRDI System by ICEM CFD

Authors  Raji, G. Sakthinathan

Analysis of optimal selection of energy efficient roofing material – A compartive study

Authors  R. Moorthy, M.V. Molykutty

PV Solar Controller with 100 Watt Module as a STATCOM for Distribution Utility

Authors  Rajkumar Chougale, Devidas Mahadik

Multistacked Buck-Boost Converter for Partially Shaded Photovoltaic Module

Authors  Shamily Simon, Sivachidambaranathan

Modeling and Validation of Cardiovascular System with Rotary Left Ventricular Assist Device

Authors  Meena Priya C and Arun Kumar Srirangan