Special Issues

Effect of education Self-Management 5-As program on the quality of life mothers of children with cerebral Palsy

Authors  Nematifard T 1 , Dalvandi A 1 *, Sajedi F 2 , Rahgozar M 1

Assessing the readiness of health facilities to cope with the risks of natural disasters

Authors  Abdollah Dargahi, Farhad Amirian, Amir Karami, Zahra Jalilian, Mir Mohammad Hoseini Ahagh, Mitra Mohammadi

Ovarian Cancer Research in Iran: A Scientometric Analysis of Publications Output During Two Decades (1996-2015) in Scopus

Authors  Farnaz Zand Vakili, Masoud Rasolabadi

The study of job stress and related factors in nurses of Sanandaj Besat Hospital

Authors  Sharareh Kazemi, Asrin Safaari, Someyeh Amini, Foad Rahimi

Prevalence and cause of common medication administration errors in nursing

Authors  Keyvan Hossain- Gholipour, Alireza Mashallahi, Sasan Amiri, Yaser Moradi, Ali Sadeghi Moghaddam, Farah Hoorijani

Cryopreservation and strategies for increasing of in vitro fertilization rate using assisted reproductive technologies; review of sperm morphology

Authors  Roya Raeisi, Hiva Mohammadi Bolbanabad, Maziar Malekzadeh kebria, Mohammad Seify

The effect of cough-assist on the hemodynamic status and oxygenation of arterial blood in patients admitted to intensive care units

Authors  Shiva Arjoni, Seyedeh Moloud Rasouli-Ghahfarokhi, Foad Rahimi

Frequency and types of food-drug interactions in Cardiac Care Units

Authors  Yaser Moradi, Rahim Baghaei, Alireza Mashallahi, Keyvan Hossain- Gholipour, Sasan Amiri, Hossain Jafarizadeh

Head louse (Pediculus humanus capitis) infestation in primary schoolchildren in rural areas of Paveh County, Kermanshah province

Authors  Sirvan Sayyad, Ahmad Vahabi, Boshra Vahabi, Mahnaz Sayyadi, Mahin Ahmadian

The diagnostic value of myocardial perfusion imaging in diagnosing coronary artery stenosis in patients suspected of coronary artery disease

Authors  Reza Heidari Moghaddam, Amir Bahmani, Fardin Gharibi

The relationship between critical thinking ability and learning style of nursing and midwifery students

Authors  Nikta Tavana-Nezhad, Sharareh Kazemi, Asrin Saffari, Fariba Fatehi, Mojdeh Rahmanian, Foad Rahimi

Prevalence and risk factors of intrauterine fetal death in Kurdish pregnant women

Authors  Farnaz Zand Vakili, Fayegh Yousfi, Masomeh Mahdavirad

Comparative Study of Medical-Surgical Nursing's Postgraduate curriculum in Iran and Ege University

Authors  Oshvandi Kh 1 , Cheraghi F 1 , Borzou SR 2 , Moradi Y 3

The effect of music with relaxation on the patients’ pain intensity due to burn dressing

Authors  Khodayar Oshvandi, Gholam Hossein Fallahinia, Hiwa Azami, Leyly Tapak

Typing of coa gene polymorphism coding Coagulase in Staphylococcus aureus isolated from foodstuffs by PCR and correlation to antibiotic resistance

Authors  Seyed Mostafa Hosseini, Hamid Kazemian, Hassan mahmoudi, Mohammad Reza Arabestani

The effect of Lavender Essence on pain severity after cesarean section under spinal anesthesia

Authors  Bahareh Najafi, Farhadifar Fariba, Roshani Daem, Loghman Ghaderi, Jamal Seidi

The evaluation of integrated physical and biological system on sludge stabilization of refinery

Authors  Ali Almasi, Mitra Mohammadi, Abdollah Dargahi, Seyed Alireza Mosavi, Alireza Ejraei, Leila Tabandeh, Somayeh Azemnia

Investigating of the corrosion and deposition potentials of drinking water sources using corrosion index: a case study of Dehloran

Authors  Abdollah Dargahi, Rohhollah Shokri, Mitra Mohammadi, Ali Azizi, Leila Tabandeh, Ali Jamshidi, Somayeh Beidaghi