Special Issues

Synthesis of Colloidal Copper Nanoparticles and Its Cytotoxicity Effect on MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cell Lines

Authors  R. Saranya, M. Mubarak Ali

Synthesis, Spectral Characterisation and Biological Activity of Cu (II), Ni (II) and Zn (II) Schiff Base Complexes derived from 3-Aminoacetophenone

Authors  S. Geetha and N. Sumathi

Role of Phytochemical and Commercial Antibiotic in Streptococcus Induced Disease in Children

Authors  Beulah Elizabeth F & Indira S

Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Zno and Copper – Nitrogen Co Doped Zinc Oxide (Cu-N-Zno) Nanoparticles for Its Biological Applications

Authors  N. Sivakumar, R. Saranya

Growth and Characterization of Pure and Urea doped Dimethylamine Picrate Single Crystal

Authors  A. Rathika, L. Guru Prasad, R. Ganapathi Raman

Vibrational Frequencies, NBO Analysis, NLO Properties, UV-Visible and Homo-Lumo Analysis of 2-Chloro-3-Methoxybenzonitrile with Experimental (FT-IR and FT-Raman) Techniques and Quantum Mechanical Calc

Authors  Arockiasamy Ajaypraveenkumar, R Ganapathi Raman

Influence of ZnO: Fe Thin Film Grown Using Spray Pyrolysis

Authors  S. Vasudevan

Zinc Oxide Nanofilms Prepared By Sol-Gel Method

Authors  R. Saranya

Zinc Oxide Thin Films by Solgel Dip coating for Gas Sensing Studies

Authors  C. Pari, N. Sivakumar

Ultrasonic Investigations on Zinc Sulphate in Polyvinyl Alcohol

Authors  Thangavel S

Spectroscopic studies of surface modified polypropylene using ultraviolet radiation

Authors  Rajasekaran John and Rajajeyaganthan Ramanathan

Synthesis and Characterization of Biologically Important Zn (II), Cu (II) AND Co (II) Metal Complexes in the 3d- Series

Authors  R.Saranya, J.Rajasekaran, S. Joseph Selvaraj

Computational Studies on 2-nitrophenyl acetic acid

Authors  L. Guru Prasad, K. Kannan and R. Ganapathi Raman

Studies on NLO Properties of L-Arginine Maleate (LArM) Single Crystals

Authors  S. Susindhiran

Overlapped Latent Fingerprint Matching Using Segmentation

Authors  I. Karthika, S. Priyadharsani

Object identification based on super pixel formation using Neighbor convertible crewing method

Authors  K. Deepa, P. Santhi

An Optimistic Approach for Diagnosing Brain Tumor from MRI Image Using RVM and Histogram Based Segmentation

Authors  Keerthi S, Dhviya S

Improved Performance Analysis Image Segmentation Based on Cluster Image

Authors  S. Saravaann, Vikram R

Identification of Satellite Image by Using DP Clustering Algorithm for Image Segmentation and Clustering

Authors  S. Sowmiya, S. P. Yazhini

Image based classification scheme to mine the Opinion in social network for exactness

Authors  S. Santhiya, Sangeetha K

Classification of Breast Cancer using Fitness Function Based Neural Network Algorithm

Authors  P. Santhi, K. Deepa

A Review on Image Segmentation through Graph-Based Representation

Authors  Alamelu V, Mohanapriya A

Object Segmentation from Movable Frames Using Key Segments

Authors  C. Selvarathi, K. Sindhanaiselvan

Evolutionary Calculations on Gravitational Interactions Method of Global Leader Organize

Authors  S. Saravaann, R. Vikram

Efficient Image Segmentation using K-Means Clustering and K-NN Algorithms

Authors  M. Gunasekar, Shamugavelyutham A

Innovative Approach to Separate Components in Circuit Recognition through Image Segmentation

Authors  Karthik Venkatachalam

Interactive Object Selection and Segmentation

Authors  R. Sujatha, E. Balraj

Enhancement of Gain in S-Band Ranges Using Micro strip Patch Antenna

Authors  A. Manikandan, S. Pradeep

Stabilized and Energy Efficient SRAM Architecture

Authors  Pradeep. S, Selvi. S

An Overview: Wireless Optical Communications

Authors  S. Sivaranjani, P. Ramakrishnan

6 Transistor Full Adder Circuit Using Pass Transistor Logic

Authors  S. Selvi, S. Pradeep

Design and Implementation of Efficient Encoder and Decoder for Wireless Communication

Authors  N. Mahendran, A. Revathi

A New Nonlinear Companding scheme for Reducing OFDM signals

Authors  P.T. Sivagurunathan, P. Ramakrishnan

Enhancing the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network Using Node Ranking Clustering Algorithm

Authors  N. Suganthi, B. Neeththi Aadithiya

An Overview: Fiber Optic Communication

Authors  P. Ramakrishnan, P.T. Sivagurunnathan

Identification of Skin Lupus Using SVM Classifier

Authors  S. Dhivya, S. Keerthi

Analysis of Hyper spectral Image using Harmonic Analysis with BFO-RVM

Authors  R. Sivaranjini, S. Palanivel Rajan

Enhanced Cooperative Bait Detection Scheme for Disclosure of Black and Grayhole Attacks in Manets

Authors  B. Neeththi Aadithiya, N. Suganthi

Quantitative Analysis of Network Arrangement in Randomized Appropriation in WSN

Authors  A. Manikandan, S. Pradeep

Revocable Data Hiding In Steganography

Authors  K. Sheikdavood, S. Sivaranjani

Four Dimensional Coded QAM with GMI for Fiber Optic Communication

Authors  R. Sivaranjini, S. Palanivel Rajan

Betel Leaf Disease Classification Using Clustering Method

Authors  L. Ramesh, V. Nirmala

Design of Low Power Content-Addressable Memory using Master–Slave Match Line

Authors  P. Nithya & S. Tamilselvan

Underwater Acoustic Communication – Challenges

Authors  P.T. Sivagurunathan, P. Ramakrishnan

Localized Mobility Prediction with Divided Sensitive Ranges for Underwater Sensor Networks

Authors  V. Keral Shalini, A. Berlin

Literature Study on Frequency Reconfigurable Antennas

Authors  M. Paranthaman, S. Palanivel Rajan

A Medical Image Retrieval System using Gabor Barcode

Authors  B. Nandhini, S. Gowri

Wireless theft detection using sensor nodes in vehicles

Authors  Agnus S. Swarnanisha Lakshmi, A. Berlin

Intel EDISON and IoT based wireless home automation proposal

Authors  A. Berlin, Agnus S. Swarnanisha Lakshmi

Manet Clustering To Protect Identity Using Efficient Protocols

Authors  A. Berlin, V. Keral Shalini

Zigbee Based Online Air Pollution Monitor

Authors  P. Nirmal Kumar, A. Manikandan

Survey of Ovarian Follicles using Various Techniques

Authors  Shabana Farheen S, Selvi G, K. Sheikdavood

Image Contrast Enhancement Using Modified Color Preserving AGC

Authors  Ribana K, Gowri S

Literature Study on Artificial Intelligence for Cognitive Radio

Authors  M. Paranthaman, S. Palanivel Rajan

Implementation of Shunt Active Filter for Power Quality Improvement in Renewable Energy Source Interfacing with Main Grid

Authors  S. Dinesh Kumar, PL. Somasundaram

Expertise Slanting Distorted Source Voltage of Hybrid Filter in Series Combination

Authors  S. Dinesh Kumar, GN. Sachin Amreiss

Fuzzy Logic Based Speed Control Technique for Switched Reluctance Motor

Authors  Banumathi S, Jeyapriya M

Advanced Single-Stage Power Factor Correction Converter

Authors  P. Maniraj, M. Ramesh

Framework for Contingency Ranking at Various Uncertainty Conditions under Deregulated Environment

Authors  PL. Somasundaram, AL. Chokalingam

Reactive Power Pricing in Restructured Power Market

Authors  PL. Somasundaram, S. Dineshkumar

Computation of Short Run Marginal Cost in Open Access Transmission System

Authors  PL. Somasundaram, V. Jayakumar

Harmonics Reduction using L-Z Source Inverter and Voltage Source Inverter for Distributed Generation System

Authors  T. Gowtham Raj, S.K. Saranya

Performance Analysis of BLDC Motor Using CUK and Luo Converter

Authors  T. Gowtham Raj, M. Ramesh, S. Dinesh Kumar

Hybrid System with Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Power Quality Improvement

Authors  R. Indhumathi, E. Therese Reena Smiline, V.K. Rajaa

Design of SEPIC Converter Fed Brushless DC Motor CUM Solar PV Array

Authors  K. Sundararaju, P. Ranjani

Comparable Action of single phase Transformer less GRID - Coupled PV Inverters with Common AC and DC load

Authors  M. Jeyapriya, S. Banumathi

Comparative Analysis of G.A, PSO, QPSO in the Economic Load Dispatch Problem with Generator Constraints

Authors  P. Maniraj, P. Vignesh

Novel current control strategy for current source converter in Weak Grids / Micro grids with D and Q Axis Currents

Authors  P. Maniraj, T. Gowthamraj

Comparative Analysis of Conventional Converter System over Multiport Converter

Authors  GN. Sachinamreiss, S. Dineshkumar, S. Banumathi

Simulation And Implementation of Active Front End Rectifier

Authors  Manikandan S, Santhoshini P

New Current Estimation Fault Tolerant of Induction Motor Using Fuzzy Logic

Authors  R. Senthil Kumar, I. Gerald Christopher Raj, M.Yuvaraj

Extended Optimal OCR Coordination Using Predictable Transient Stability Decision Tree Methodology in Interconnected Power System

Authors  R. Senthil Kumar, Gerald Christopher Raj I

Fault Diagnosis of Three Phase Induction Motors by using Kernal Based SVM Classifiers

Authors  R. Senthil Kumar, B. Rajesh Kumar, I. Gerald Christopher Raj

Congestion Management using Facts devices in Open transmission access system

Authors  PL. Somasundaram, T. Gowtham Raj

Performance investigation on Diesel engine fuelled with rendered chicken oil as Bio diesel

Authors  T. Nithyanandam, M. Karthe

Comparative study of Limestone and Sodium Chloride Impact of Diesel Engine Emission Analysis

Authors  M. Vijayakumar, P.C. Mukesh Kumar

Study on Performance and Emission Evaluation of a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine fuelled with mixture of Sunflower biodiesel and Coconut biodiesel blends along with diesel

Authors  Vignesh D, Emmanual L, Sathyamoorthy G, Kalidass M

Hybrid Energy Generation through Vertical Axis Savonius Wind Turbine and Solar Panel

Authors  Ragunath L, Emmanual L, Vignesh D

Experimental Comparison of Energy Conservation in Radiator by Using Different Material Properties

Authors  Kalidass M, Arul selvan S.G, Selwin M, Velavan R

Experimental Analysis of Fins to Enhance the Performance of I.C Engines

Authors  Vijayakumar P, Sathyamoorthy G, Velavan R