Special Issues

Process parameter optimization and performance analysis of Raphanus sativus methyl ester in diesel engine

Authors  C.Senthilkumar, S.A.Ramesh, P.Rajeshkumar, V.R. Sivakumar, B.Vijayakumar, P.Sivakumar

Application of green composites in structural upgradation

Authors  Vijayakumar S, Abilash K, Vinoth R

Absorption of carbon dioxide in alkanolamines in deep eutectic solvent medium for co2 gas separation

Authors  Anga Muthu Uma Maheswari, Kandasamy Palanivelu

Effect of initial pH and rate kinetics of biosolubilization of nickel from electroplating sludge using Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans

Authors  Sundramurthy Venkatesa Prabhu, Rajoo Baskar.

Bioleaching kinetics on Realgar mineral by Leptospirillum ferriphilum: effects of energy source

Authors  Sundramurthy Venkatesa Prabhu, Imteyaz Khadija

Bioleaching of Cr (VI) from tannery sludge by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans: Influence of temperature and kinetic aspect

Authors  Sundramurthy Venkatesa Prabhu, Kuttanam Mohamed Ansari Sanofar

CO2 sequestration by lime mud through direct mineral carbonation

Authors  T.D. RushendraRevathy, E. Pavithra, K. Palanivelu, A. Ramachandran

Copper Slag

Authors  V.M. Illayaraja Muthaiyaa, G. Elatharasan, A. Krishnamoorthy

Decrease in unlikely components by Non-Hydrodesulphurization Process using Persulfate as Oxidizing agent

Authors  Aslam Abdullah M, Dr.T.Sekar

Conversion of slaughter house waste into biodiesel catalyzed by bone ash

Authors  Yuvanashree.E, Sivakumar.P, Renganathan.S, Selvakumar.K.V, Badarinarayana.N.S

Effect of media optimization for batch kinetics of cell growth and andrographolide production by altering carbon source, nitrogen source & k+ ions supply in cell suspension culture of Andrographis pan

Authors  Anis Kumar. M, Umamaheswari. R, Shaheenabhanu.H.S, Rajesh.T.P, Selvamani. P

Effect of sewage irrigation on physio-biochemical characterization of two mulberry varieties

Authors  B.K.Chikkaswamy, Prasad M.P Rabin Chandra Paramanik

Evaluation of marine fungal isolates for degradation of lignocellulosic biomass

Authors  Prasad.M.P and Rekha Sethi

Genetic variation of Dioscorea oppositifolia L. From four different regions of Tamil Nadu, India

Authors  R.Uma Maheswari, R.Selvarajan, V.NandaGopalan, A.Lakshmi Prabha

Heat Transfer Enhancement of Thermal System Using Nanofluids

Authors  Manikandan S, Jancirani J

Laboratory investigation on coconut shell in concrete: An alternative low cost building material

Authors  Sreenivasulu Dandagala, Praveen K, Satish K, Sri Harsha K, Mahesh V Anil Kumar P

Mathematical modelling approach for solutions in power consumption issues of Tamil Nadu

Authors  M.Kodeeswararamanathan, N.Stalin, S.Ramasubramanian and R.Krishnamoorthy

Polyethersulfone zinc chloride blend ultrafiltration membranes for enhanced flux

Authors  K. Rambabu, S. Velu

Purification of pond water by natural seeds and dye water by synthetic coagulant

Authors  P.Jeyakumar

Removal of reactive blue 2 dye from aqueous solution using turmeric industrial waste activated carbon

Authors  K.T.Karthikeyan, S. Karthikeyan and K. Jothivenkatachalam

Morphological and topographical analysis of CuS nano thin films grown by silar technique

Authors  P. Mani, K. Manikandan, I. Vetha Potheher, P.Fermi Hilbert Inbaraj, J. Joseph Prince

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) thin film based gas sensors

Authors  Jaya Bharathi J, N Pappayee

To provide suitable technological menu to avert outages of electric power ridden sectors for improving the economic developments of Tamil Nadu

Authors  M.Kodeeswararamanathan, N.Stalin, R.Krishnamoorthy

Trends in stream flow of the Somanpally gauging site at Godavari river basin

Authors  Sreenivasulu Dandagala, Jhansy G, Jyothsna N, Aswin S, Srinivasa Murthy

Two cylinder engine performance enhancement with low cost emission abatement technologies for off-road applications

Authors  Karthikeyan Subramanian, Annamalai.Kandaswamy, Sathayanandan.Mahadevan

Use of titanium dioxide as photo-catalyst in single basin single slope solar still

Authors  A.MuthuManokar

Eco-synthesis of silver nanoparticles and its use to antibacterial and antifungal activity

Authors  N. Kiruthika, T. Somanathan

To accentuate and codify the coarse supply chain towards efficacious and green reverse supply chain

Authors  Shaan Radhakrishnan, S Sathees Chandran

Design and manufacturing of low cost small vertical axis wind turbinex

Authors  Shahid Ali Khan, K.V.S. Rao

Quality of kitchen waste generated at Rajasthan technical university, Kota

Authors  Burhanuddin Bohra, K.V.S. Rao

Solid state production of baterial cellulase using Agave sisalana as substrate

Authors  A.Sivakumar Ponnambalam, Asit Ranjan Ghosh, L.V.Prabu

Performance and conversion of light naphtha to motor sprit using adiabatic radial flow vertical stock reactor

Authors  Jeyajothi.K, Arjun.R.V

Effect of temperature and equivalence ratio on gasification of biomass

Authors  Dillibabu.V, Natarajan.E

Optimization of sugarcane bagasse hydrolysis and kinetic modelling of xanthan gum production using an isolated strain

Authors  Selvi V, Vijayagopal V

An experimental analysis for the emission characteristics of the bio diesels and their b20 blends

Authors  Murali Manohar R, Saravanan R

Hydrodynamic cavitation for the production of biodiesel from sunflower oil using naoh catalyst

Authors  M. Rengasamy, E. Titus Praveen Kumar, T. Satheesh , D.Venkadesh, K.Kumaraguru

Kinetics of biodiesel production from waste milk fat using nano MgO catalyst

Authors  Muralidharan N G, K Anbarasu, J Ranjitha, R Pattabiraman

Synthesis of cobalt doped manganese ferrite and it used as a visible active fenton catalyst for dye degradation

Authors  AB Ilarasu, A. Saravanan and T. Somanathan

Biodiesel production from discarded fish waste for sustainable clean energy development

Authors  Krishna Kumar Jaiswal, Bhaskar Jha, R. Arun Prasath

In-situ transesterification and process optimization of biodiesel from waste avocado seed

Authors  S. Deepalakshmi, A. Sivalingam, M. Thirumarimurugan, N. Yasvanthrajan, P. Sivakumar

Synthesis of MgO/Ag nanocomposite with enhanced photocatalytic activity against textile dye

Authors  P. Sivakumar, R. Lavanya, M. Vishnu Priya, B. Vijaya Kumar, P. Sivakumar

Experimental study on performance and emissions characteristics of premixed charge compression ignition engine using various fuels

Authors  S. Arun Kumar, A.U. Meenakshi Sundareswaran, S. Natarajan

An intensive literature review on international assignments, expatriate failures and success, connected issues and the means for its refinement-with special reference to expatriates in the field of en

Authors  B.Kishori, N.Senthil Kumar

Study the emission characteristics of catalytic coated piston and combustion chamber of a four stroke spark ignition (SI) engine

Authors  Y.Sureshbabu, P.AshokaVarthanan

Experimental investigation on Low Heat Rejection Engine (LHRE) fuelled with cedarwood biodiesel-diesel blend

Authors  Madhu S, Venkatesan J

A review on effect of biodiesel-diesel-water emulsion in di diesel engine

Authors  Arularasu. S, Appu Raja. S, Thangaraj. M, Annamalai. K

Processing of cashew nut shell and feasibility of its oil as bio fuel in compression ignition engine

Authors  Sivakumar S, Venkatachalam R, Nedunchezhian N, Sivakumar P, Rajendran P

Recovery of metals from electronic waste using Electrowinning process

Authors  G.Kannan, D.Prabhakaran, P.Sivakumar, M.Thirumarimurugan

Experimental analysis of E-Glass fiber and Fly Ash reinforced to E-Waste aluminium

Authors  A.G.Ganeshkumar, G.Ranganath, B.Pounraj, S.Shylin H Jose, M.Sakthivel

Design and optimization analysis of 5 kWe Downdraft Gasifier

Authors  S.Sivakumar, S.Ragunathan, and N.Elango

Biomedical waste management in rural areas using solar powered thermal autoclave technique

Authors  S.B.Abitha, R.Dhanapal

Tin oxide nanoparticle catalyzed one-pot synthesis of 3, 4 dihydropyrimidinones

Authors  P.Sivakarthik, V.Thangaraj

Engineered thermal stable protein/enzyme mutants from chemical and thermodynamic perspectives

Authors  Amutha Selvaraj Maheshwari, Govindaraju Archunan

Alkali-catalyzed transesterification of rapeseed oil

Authors  A. Sakthi Saravanan, K.Ramesh, N.G Muralidharan, N.Yasvanthrajan, P. Sivakumar

Synthesis of Cs-ZnO-Ag nanocomposite from crustacean shells and its antibacterial activity

Authors  P. Sivakumar, N. G. Muralidharan, V. Santhosh, P. Rajendran, P. Sivakumar

A new three parameter thermodynamic model for the solubility of substituted phenol compounds in supercritical carbon dioxide

Authors  Sridar Ramachandran, Avijit Bhowal, Chandrasekhar Garlapati

Removal of dyes from textile wastewater usingOrange peel as adsorbent

Authors  Jeyajothi.K

Optimization of fermentative hydrogen production by an isolated strain

Authors  Sonia K.Samson, T.R.Manikkandan

Separation of non-metal from waste printed circuit board for rubber composite

Authors  S. Shylin H. Jose, R.A.Sankaran,R.Manikandan, Channankaiah, A.G.Ganesh Kumar

Green synthesis of gold nanoparticle using marine cyanobacteria Gloeocapsa sp and the antitumor potential

Authors  Geetha S, Sathakkathul Zariya J, Aarthi R, Heizline Blessie D, Monisha P and Narmadha R

A review on structural analysis and experimental investigation of coconut fiber reinforced composite brake disc

Authors  Balu prasanth.N

Effects of ethanol diesel blends in thermal barrier coated diesel engine

Authors  B.Kumaragurubaran, B.M.Gnanasekaran, S.Sathya, G.Tamilarasan

Assessment of ground water quality by heavy metals

Authors  M. Arun Prasath, N. Ilavarasan

Continuous foam fractionation of Copper (II) ions from aqueous media and industrial effluents

Authors  Arulmozhi.M, Meera S.Begun, Anantharaman.N and Thenmozhi.M

Isolation and identification of feather degrading bacteria from feather dumped soil

Authors  T.P.Rajesh, B.Anandaraj, S.Rajasekar

Response surface modeling and optimization of chromium (VI) removal from aqueous solution using marine algae in batch process

Authors  K. Kumaraguru, P. Sureshkumar , D.Venkadesh, B.Rajkumar

Transesterification of triglycerides using heterogeneous catalysts: A review

Authors  N. Jaya

Statistical optimization of chromium ion removal using response surface methodology

Authors  A.Sumithra, M.Shyama Sundari, S.Venkatesan, M.Rengasamy, A.Brinda Lakshmi

Ocimum sanctum leaf extract mediated green synthesis of iron oxide nanoparticles: spectroscopic and microscopic studies

Authors  Balamurughan M G, Mohanraj S, Kodhaiyolii S, Pugalenthi V

Adsorption of chromium using low cost adsorbent and kinetic modelling

Authors  Surendhar A D, S.Sakthivel, S.Yasar Arafat, Kumaraguru K

Study of phototriggered cytotoxicity against different bacterial clinical isolates using natural photosensitizer

Authors  Jansirani.D, Saradha.R, Prema.K, Selvapriyadharshini.J, Salomideborani.N

Self sufficient power supply using effective hybrid wind-diesel generation system

Authors  R.Devi , J.Rajalakshmi

Solar still integrated with porous material

Authors  Prakash Malaiyappan, Natarajan Elumalai

VLSI implementation for currencyless india using sms banking

Authors  R.Rasu, S.Kumaresan, S.Manoshrudhy, P.Shanmuga Sundaram

Phenolic concentration and hydrogen peroxide scavenging activity study of Calurpa peltata and Sargassum tenerrimum

Authors  Anis Kumar. M, Umamaheswari. R, Vishnu kumar.K.R , Navaneetha Krishnan.V, Selvamani . P.

Innovative technologies to achieve sustainability (recycling cement concrete)

Authors  C. Arthi Jenifer

Study on performance and emission characteristics for diesel engine powered with biodiesel

Authors   Dhinesh Balasubramaninan, Isaac JoshuaRamesh Lalvani J, Parthasarathy M and Annamalai K

Experimental study of acetylene enriched air in di diesel engine powered by biodiesel-diesel blends

Authors  M.Parthasarathy, J.IsaacJoshuaRamesh Lalvani, P.Muhilan, B.Dhinesh, K.Annamalai

Experimentation and performance analysis of single slope single corrugated basin solar still

Authors  Selvendiran.R, Manikandan.D, Suresh Babu.K

PV based voltage gain converter for electrophoretic application by using neuro optimized bacterial foraging algorithm

Authors  A.Sivakumar, D.Karthikraj, C.S.Ajinsekhar, M.Sasikumar

Experimental investigation on D.I Diesel engine with renewable biodiesel - Adelfa

Authors  Isaac JoshuaRamesh Lalvani J, Parthasarathy M, Dhinesh Balasubramaninan, Annamalai K

Rain device with step wise basin enhanced condensation performance evaluation

Authors  Prakash Malaiyappan, Natarajan Elumalai

Characterization of organic waste generated from student messes in Kota

Authors  Rahul Khandelwal, K.V.S. Rao

Design and integration of solar-biomass hybrid energy system for drip irrigation pumping

Authors  Seema Bai, K.V.S. Rao

Effect of chamber pressure variation in spray characteristics of diesel, Bio-diesel and its blends

Authors  A.Devaraj, P.Raghu, N.Nallusamy

Optimal electricity allocation model A review

Authors  Shriram.T, Iniyan.S

Estimation of wind power extraction from kites flying at high altitudes comparison of five mathematical models

Authors  Kumari Sanno, K.V.S. Rao

Renewable energy in power grid using flywheel energy storage system, technology by using partial magnetic levitation

Authors  Ramya.V, R.Ramaprabha

Experimental herbal mosquito larvae destroyer using nano technology

Authors  K.Santhosh, V.Ramachandran, R.Anandprakash, M.Palanivel Murugan

In-situ transesterification of algal biomass for the production of biodiesel

Authors  S. Deepalakshmi, A. Sivalingam, M. Thirumarimurugan, N. Yasvanthrajan, P. Sivakumar

Design of topology for maximum energy efficient charge pumps as storage device for renewable energy applications

Authors  M.Murali, R.Arulmozhiyal

Cytotoxicity assessment of synthesized nickel oxide nanoparticles on MCF-7 and A-549 cancer cell lines

Authors  K.Perumal Raj, P.Sivakarthik, A.P.Uthirakumar, V.Thangaraj

Experimental analysis of performance and emission of diesel blends with pongamina biodiesel and diethyl ether

Authors  A.Vignesh Moorthypandian

Corrosion behaviour of fsw AA7075 alloy by nanoalumina coating

Authors  G. Elatharasan, V.S. Senthil kumar

Production of pectinase by Bacillus sp., isolated from soil

Authors  Jansirani.D, Saradha.R, Selvapriyadharshini.J, Salomideborani.N, Halimuthul Nurjis.R, Jerin Nivetha.J, Ranjana Devi.B

Recent advances in the treatment of oily waste water

Authors  Mohan Doraisamy, Kavitha Ekambaram, Pramila Joseph, Nithya Dhanasekaran Tarun Mohan

Experimental exploration of fuel spray characteristics with various injection duration using bio-diesel

Authors  Raghu P, Gowtham R, Nallusamy N

Comparative evaluation of various extraction methods of curcuminoids from Curcuma longa

Authors  Jansirani.D, Saradha.R, Salomideborani.N, Selvapriyadharshini.J

Studies on reduction of total chromium from common effluent plant using A. cepa, T. aurea, H. rosa-sinensis, D. regia, S. indica leaves as a biosorbent by immobilization technique

Authors  Saranya.K, Thirumarimurugan.M, Manivasagan.V

Renewable energy technology transfer for green environmental sustainability

Authors  M.Senthil Kumar

Remediation of textile effluents by membrane based treatment techniques: A state of the art review

Authors  Mohan Doraiswamy Raju, Pramila Joseph, Kavitha E, Nithya Dhanasekaran, Hema Mala Grahadurai, Tarun Mohan

Treatment of synthetic effluent containing parachlorophenol by combined electrochemical and microbial methods

Authors  V. Manivasagan, C. Ahmed Basha, M. Ramalingam,V.Padmakumaran, N.G.Ramesh Babu