Special Issues

Enhanced Collision Avoidance Method (ECAM) in VANET

Authors  F. Sangeetha Francelin Vinnarasi, A. Chandrasekar

An Efficient De-Duplication Mechanism in Hadoop Distributed File System Environment

Authors  S. Ranjitha, P. Sudhakar, K.S. Seetharaman

Generation of Variant Random Order (VRO) in text graphics color CAPTCHA for enhancing web security protection

Authors  S. Pradeep Kumar, R. Ramachandaran

Automatic tollgate payment system using Hybrid Mechanism

Authors  M. Geetha, B. Sangeetha, J.Vidhya, S. Ramya, L.N.K. Ragavi

Design To Predict Possibility of Hypertension Using Electronic Health Records

Authors  S. Poonkuzhali, Srejith Ramesh, N. Deepika

Design for Reliable Cloud Migration through Component Ranking Method

Authors  S Pramila, B Aishwarya, S Poonkuzhali

Intelligent Data Analytics System to Predict Diabetes using Artificial Neural Network

Authors  S. Poonkuzhali, N. Deepika, J. Jeyalakshmi, S. Sreeshuba

An Effective approach for promoting agriculture by predicting rainfall in India by using Machine learning techniques

Authors  S. Usha, S. Baghavathi Priya

Discovering Criminal Communities from E-Mails A Graph Based Approach

Authors  J. Joslin Iyda, S. Visalaxi and G. Anitha

Occluded object detection with 3D projection

Authors  Priya Loganathan, Sheila Anand, K. Poornimathi

Big data in visual analytics to supplement digital image processing using Hadoop

Authors  G.S. Ganesh, Yazhini Samyuktha Ramanikaran, Sindhuja M, G. Rajesh Kannan, J. Jeyalakshmi

RSPG – RFID Based Smart Payment Gateway

Authors  Priya L, Aishwaryaa H, Aarthi B, Abirami R

Optimization of dynamic solar power generation and Control in a micro grid using Smart meter

Authors  Kaliraja T, J. Martin Leo Manickam

Low Complexity Decoding Algorithm for MIMO Communication Systems

Authors  Archana J, Yamuna G

Trust Management Model for Defense against Sybil Attacks in VANET

Authors  A.M. Arul Raj, E.R. Naganathan

Vehicle Anti-Theft System Using Fingerprint Recognition Technique

Authors  Z. Brijet, B. Santhoshkumar, N. Bharathi

Design and Analysis of MEMS Based Humidity Sensor Using Comsol Multiphysics

Authors  C.V. Gayathri, V. S. SelvaKumar, L. Sujatha

Effective TOXIN management-An IoT based approach

Authors  L. Priya, M. Leela, P.P. Janardhan, B.S. Thulasi

Design and Analysis of Dual H-Shape Fractal Antenna for UWB Applications

Authors  Asokan V, Sathish M, Manikandan T

Nearest Patrol Search under Emergency Condition

Authors  Priya L, Subramaniyan K, Priyanka J, Preethi Sowndharya V

Survey on Classification Techniques for Mining Temporal Patterns

Authors  J. Prasanthi, M. Ussenaiah

Secure Multicast Routing in MANET using Cryptographic Techniques

Authors  P. Vigneshwaran, R. Dhanasekaran, M. Sindhuja

An efficient method to enhance the route detection in Mobile Ad-hoc Wireless Network using Preemptive Determine Routes Discovery

Authors  N.Thamaraikannan and K.Krishnamoorthy