Special Issues

Evaluation of the antioxidative potential of Bee Products: Pollen and Bee Bread against Staphylococcus aureus Infected Balb/c mice

Authors  Anita Devi, Neelima R Kumar and Jaspreet Kaur

Expectation – Maximization algorithm for protein – ligand complex of HFE gene

Authors  O.S. Deepa, and Ani. R

Docking studies of Hemochromatosis protein with various compounds of the medicinal plants

Authors  O.S. Deepa, and Ani. R

Rotation Forest Ensemble Algorithm for the Classification of Phytochemicals from the Medicinal Plants

Authors  Ani. R, and O.S. Deepa

Cytotoxicity, apoptotic activity and phytochemical analysis of rhizome extract of Amomum pterocarpum Thwaites

Authors  K. Sinitha and J. E. Thoppil

In-silico modelling of DTNBP1, NRG1 and AKT1 gene target of Schizophrenia for protein structure analysis

Authors  Neema Tufchi, Kumud Pant, Syed Mohsin Waheed

J-PET: A Novel TOF -PET scanner using Organic Scintillators

Authors  N.G. Sharma, M. Silarski, D. Alfs, T. Bednarski, P. Białas, E. Czerwinski, K. Dulski, A. Gajos, B. Głowacz, M. Gorgol, B. Jasinska, D. Kaminska, G. Korcyl, P. Kowalski, W. Krzemien, N. Krawczyk, E.

Removal of Baseline Wander from ECG using CEEMD and Adaptive Morphogocial Function

Authors  Mahipal Singh Choudhry, Rajiv Kapoor

Preventive role of Curcumin against hepatotoxic effects of Methotrexate and Cyclophosphamide

Authors  Ruptanu Banerjee, Mrinmoy Dey, Sourav Maity, Sumana Bagchi, Ayushi Vora, Uzma Shakil, Riddhi Goswami

Molecular Docking studies of Resveratrol against Neurodegenerative Diseases

Authors  Ruchi Yadav, Akanksha

Effect of NaCl Stress on Physiological Parameters of four Rice varieties (Oryza sativa L.)

Authors  Banhishikha Singh, Dhruba Dhar, Sohini Roy Chowdhury, Soma Banerjee