Special Issues

Failure Mode and Effect analysis in Engineering Educational Sector

Authors  Balamurugan R, Sivaraman B, Parthipan N, Kirubagharan R

Experimental and numerical simulation of tensile and flexural behaviors of hybrid bio particulate coir-polyester composites

Authors  K. Christal, C. Manickam, N. Parthipan and S. Jayabal

A Study on Employees Opinion towards Employee Engagement

Authors  Raju K, Sivaraman B, Jothiprakash P

Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders among Hammering Workers

Authors  T. Anandaraj, S. Nishanth, S. Sakthivelu, K. Senthilraj

Corrosion Study on FSW and GTAW Welded Joints of AA7175-T6

Authors  T. Anandaraj, G. Mahanandha, S. Nishanth, K. Senthilraj

Effect of Hardness and Tensile properties of Al6061 based composites for Piston alloy using Stir casting method

Authors  A. Manikandan, C. Gokulkumar, N. Parthipan

Eco Friendly Drilling Process in AISI SS317 Material

Authors  N. Parthipan, M. Ilangkumaran, S. Nandhakumar, K. Christal

Thermal behaviours of hybrid bio particles impregnated coir-polyester composites

Authors  K. Christal, G. Sathyamoorthy, S. Nandhakumar and S. Jayabal

Study and Development of a Miniature Model of an Eco-Friendly Ground Source Cooling System

Authors  Raju Kandasamy, Balakrishnan Marimuthu

Design and Analysis of Eicher 20.16 Chassis using Ansys 12.0

Authors  Jothiprakash P, Raju K, Sivaraman B

Experimental Investigation on Imaging System to Determine the Factors Affecting the Image Quality

Authors  Balamurugan R, Vijayakumar R, Karthe M, Padmavathy S

Vibration and Ultrasonic Welding Behaviour of Polymers and Polymer Composites- A Review

Authors  S.G. Arul selvan, R. Rajasekar, M. Kalidass, M. Selwin

Optimization of Clamping Force in End Milling Fixture Using SFLA Alogorithm

Authors  G. Mahanandha, S. Nishanth, P. Jothiprakash

Dynamic Behavior Study of 2R and 3R SCARA Robot Manipulator for Pick and Place Application

Authors  M. Selwin, S.G. Arul Selvan, B. Sivaraman

Programmable Logic Control of Soot Blowers in the Recovery Boilers

Authors  G. Sharmila Devi, B. Sivaraman, S. Padmavathy, T. Keerthivasan

The Structural Behaviour of Lateral Load Resisting System induced in Tall Buildings - A Comparitive Study

Authors  Hemavathi S, Ramya K

Enhancing The Property Of High Performance Concrete With Multi-Component Composite Cement

Authors  Nithyanandhi M, Saranya R

Investigation on the Behaviour of Confined RC Columns

Authors  Mukesh P, Shanmugavalli C

Study on Characteristics Strength of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate

Authors  A. Rangaraj, S. Rubini

Removal of Paracetamol from Pharmaceutical Wastewater by Integrated MBR

Authors  Saranya R, Nithyanandhi M

An Experimental Investigation of Recycling Of Bricks

Authors  Ramkumar S, Rubini S

Optimizing the Cooling System for Compressor

Authors  Manivel R and Prasanna S.C

Microstructure analysis and mechanical behaviors of Al6063 reinforced with B4C and red soil metal matrix composite

Authors  S. Padmavathy, G. Sharmila Devi, T. Keerthivasan, R. Balamurugan

Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of Calotropis and Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composites

Authors  S. Padmavathy, G. Sharmila devi

Comparative Study of Effect of Ammonium Bi Carbonate and Acetamide in NOx Reduction in the Exhaust of Diesel Engine

Authors  Manivel R and Prasanna S.C

A Study on Merchant Gratification by Comparing Various Copiers

Authors  Sivaraman B, Selwin M, Balamurugan R, Siva Kumar R

Guidelines to Implementation of Poka yoke in an Assembly Line

Authors  V.K. Kannan, R. Shanmuga Prakash and R. Velavan

Review & Design of Automatic Belt Tensioning Mechanism

Authors  Sathyamoorthy G, Christal K, Vijayakumar P, Vignesh D

Investigations on the Performane and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine Blende with Turpentine Oil and Dimethyl Ether

Authors  M. Loganathan, S.C. Prasanna

Experimental Design and Analysis Study On the Effect of Process Parameters Using Carbide Tool in Drilling Process for AISISS 317 Materials

Authors  Jeevanantham R, Dhanavendhan T, Elavarasan P, Prasanna S.C

Optimization of Weight Run With Respect to Mechanical and Thermal Properties in Caesar II

Authors  C. Vignesh, S.C. Prasanna

Investigation of Al 5383 Composite with Lithium and Alkali Resistant Glass Fiber for Ship Building Materials

Authors  S.C. Prasanna, C. Ramesh, R. Manivel, M. Karthe

Investigation on the mechanical properties of natural fibers reinforced with egg shell

Authors  Dhanavendhan T, Elavarasan P, Jeevanantham R, Prasanna S.C

Dry Sliding Wear Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Al 5083-Al2O3-Gr Hybrid Composite Material

Authors  Sivakumar R, S.C. Prasanna

Mechanical Strength, Wear Behaviour and Corrosion Properties of Graphene Reinforced Nano Polymer Composite Materials

Authors  Jeevanantham R, Dhanavendhan T, Elavarasan P, Prasanna S.C