Special Issues

Experimental study on smoke and NOx optimization parameters in biodiesel engine for GENSET engine applications

Authors  Sairam S.G.N.V, Kumaran P

An Analysis on Various Methods of Storage of Hydrogen

Authors  Ashok Kumar A, Madhu S

Comparative Analysis of Intelligent Control Based Grid Integration of PV Power System

Authors  Dileep K, K.J. Anoop

Length Calculator Using Ultrasonic Sensor and Raspberry Pi with Android App

Authors  CH. Sukesh Reddy*, Atul Motilal Tiwari, Bala Murgan P

Conversion of Naturally aspirated Diesel engine to turbocharged engine for improving the performance for Genset applications

Authors  Arvind TD, S. Dinesh

Analysis of Red Mud and Egg Shell Filled Hybrid Particulate Coir Polyester Composites Using Finite Element Method

Authors  Vijayakumar S.R, Kesavan R, Gajendran S

Matlab design of AVR for single Area of Power System

Authors  P. Girish, M. Lavanya, M. Arivalagan, G.R.V. Sai Brahma

Implementation of theft monitoring system of 3-phase Electricity using ZIGBEE

Authors  R.A. Priya, Mohamed Salman Kursheed B, Kishore Kumar D

A Design for Uninterrupted Battery Charging Using Photovoltaic (PV) and Wind Power Generation System

Authors  V.Prabhakaran, S.Pavithra, P. Sam Daniel

Analysis of Solar Irradiation and Modeling of Large Scale PV Power Plant Implementation in Central Tamil Nadu

Authors  J. DlipKumar, M. Venkateshkumar, G. Anandhakuamr

Design of Automatic Unit Commitment Problem for Priority List Method Using Virtual Instrumentation

Authors  R. Hariharan, A. Raviraju

Survey on Vehicle Tracking System on GPS

Authors  M. Dileep Kumar Reddy, S. Pavithra

PWM-PFM Method to Control DC-DC Converters

Authors  Ramana Babu U, Thangam R

A Review on the Production of Hydrogen Fuel Using Nano Pulsed DC Electrolysis

Authors  Binduk Potom, V. Sakthimurugan

Implementation of Three Legs Online Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Authors  Santhosh Kumar T, Sridharan K, and Sasidharan

Investigation of Capacity of Motor and its Simulation for an Electric Vehicle

Authors  M. Ravi Teja Reddy, C. Sai Virinchy, T.S.A. Suryakumari

Automatic Headlight Dim and Dipper with Battery Efficiency

Authors  Arun Kumar S*, Viswanath G

Stability Analysis and Control of Microgrid

Authors  Mayur K, Anoop K J

Automated Guided Vehicle

Authors  Dhamodharan P*, Dinesh S

Design Optimization of Engine Mount Bracket for V6 engine

Authors  Vijayakumar S.R, Kesavan R, Gajendran S

Solar Energy Based KY Converter With Inverter

Authors  Bhagyalakshmi J.M, M. Lavanya, M. Arivalagan, Duvvuru Rupendra

Iot Based Automated Temperature and Humidity Monitoring and Control

Authors  M.Lavanya, P. Muthukannan, Y.S.S. Bhargav, V. Suresh

Analyzing different solar cells with its Fill Factor and conversion efficiency with Simulink in MATLAB

Authors  V. Prabhakaran1*, S. Pavithra2

Analysis of Solar Irradiation and Modeling of Large Scale PV Power Plant Implementation in North Tamil Nadu

Authors  Frank Samuel, M. Venkateshkumar, G. Anandhakuamr

Solution for Unit Commitment Using Virtual Instrumentation

Authors  R. Narayana*, Gowtham, R. Hariharan

Effect of Hot exhaust Gas Recirculation on the Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine with Jatropha Oil

Authors  Godson S.V, Kumaran P, Mohanamurugan S

Design and Analysis of Engine Cooling Fan

Authors  S. Visshnu, S. Madhu

Biometric Verification: A Literature Survey

Authors  Ravala Jaswitha, S. Pavithra

Recreation of Buck-Boost Single Phase Voltage Source Inverter for Distribution Generator Systems

Authors  Samith Rao P, Thangam R

A Review on Usage of Hydrogen as an Alternative Fuel and the Advantages of Fuel Cells for Vehicles

Authors  M. Kumaragnanamithra*, V. Sakthimurgan

Mathematical Modelling and Design of Solar Powered Boost converter

Authors  Santhosh Kumar T, Sasidharan S, and Sridharan K

Production and Upgradation of Biogas

Authors  Anmol Kumar, T.S.A. Surya Kumari

Solar Car Made of CFRP

Authors  Sujay Jairaman, Viswanath G

PV based Off-Grid Power Generation System using Boost Converter

Authors  Nandhini devi P, Anoop K.J

Comparison Study on Performance Improvement of Diesel Engine Using Biodiesel Fuel for Tractor Engine Application

Authors  J. Naga ganesh, S. Dinesh

Comparison of Mechanical Behaviour of Natural Fiber -Polymer Composites Using Compression Moulding Process

Authors  Vijayakumar S.R, Kesavan R, Gajendran S

RFID Systems Equipped With OTP Security Design Using Sha-384 Algorithm

Authors  M. Lavanya, M. Arivalagan, V. Suresh

Computerized Soft-Start PSM Buck Converter

Authors  Lokesh N, Thangam R

Analysis of solar irradiation and modeling of large scale PV power plant implementation in South Tamil Nadu

Authors  S. Rakesh*, M. Venkateshkumar, G. Anandhakuamr

Smart Stick for Visually Impaired People

Authors  M. Hemanth*, S. Gowtham, R. Hari Haran

Experimental Analysis of Turbocharged Diesel Engine for Improving the Performance for Genset Application

Authors  Joel Godwin A*, Kumuran P

Adhesive Bonding of GFRP–GFRP Composite Using Hand Lay Up Method

Authors  G. Jayaram, S. Madhu

Motion Controlled Robot using Arduino

Authors  Penugonda Saideep, S. Pavithra

Testing and Maintenance of Solar Panel in Hybrid Auto Rickshaw

Authors  H.M. Panchaksharaiah Swamy, R.A. Priya, K.S. Mohammed Gohar Latheef, S.V. Manikanta

Fuel Cell Vehicles- A Technology for Sustainable Future

Authors  G. Murali, V. Sakthi Murugan

Enhancing the aerodynamic efficiency of Missile with altered grid fins in subsonic flow conditions using ANSYS Workbench

Authors  T.S.A. Suria Kumari, and K. Prudhvi Raj Reddy

Pneumatic System Usage for Automatic Seat Adjustment

Authors  Vinod Kumar S*, Viswanath G

Wireless Control of Stepper Motor Using Personal Computer

Authors  Sowmiya N, Anoop K.J

Diesel Engine Performance & Emission Study using Pneumatic Controlled Hot and Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation System

Authors  T. Sivakrishna, S. Dinesh

Reducing NOx emission in a bio- diesel powered IC engine using nitrogen enriched air

Authors  Vijayakumar S.R, Kesavan R, Gajendran S

Temperature Controlled based cooler Pad using Arduino

Authors  K. Sami, M. Lavanya, M. Arivalagan, Yathrasi Sree Harsha

Synchronous Converter Based Single-Inductor Multi Output Buck Converter

Authors  K. Dileep, V. Sumanth Kumar, R.A. Priya

Analyzing Manual Scavenging Death Rate over a Critical Circumstances and Methods to Ensure Safety

Authors  K.S. KamaleshKumar, M. Lokesh, V. Prabhakaran, G. Anandhakumar

Power Theft Detection by Virtual Instrumentation

Authors  R. Hariharan, P. Usha Rani, S. Usman

Effect of different packed bed catalysts for NOx reduction in Lean NOx Traps (LNT) in after Treatment Process

Authors  Kumaran P, Mohanamurugan S, Karthik Saravanan M

Design of Manual Clutch Control System

Authors  Kaleem Shariff S, Madhu S

Attacks on Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors  G. Sai Kumar, S. Pavithra

Transient Stability Analysis of IEEE59 Bus System with FCL and Svc Controller Using Etap

Authors  Sagar Navinchandran, G. Pavan Kumar, M. Rajalakshmi

P Series Fuel- The Future Fuel for a Green Environment

Authors  Balakrishnan R, V. Sakthi Murugan

Design and analysis of chain drive for different materials and load conditions

Authors  M. Ravi Teja Reddy, C. Sai Virinchy, T.S.A. Suryakumari

Accident Controller Using Ultrasonic Wave Sensor

Authors  Vijay Anand R, Viswanath G

Harmonic Analysis of Sarc Based Converter for Led Illumination

Authors  M. Kranthi Kumar, K.J. Anoop, G. Ezhilarasan

Experimental study on Connecting rod structure behavior using Modal Analysis

Authors  R. Jaganathan, S. Dinesh*

Thermal Analyses of Electronic Package On Board Leo-Spacecraft Using Finite Elements

Authors  S.R. Vijayakumar, S.A. Devakumar, S. Jayaraman, S. Gajendran

Solar Based Adjustable Voltage Regulator Using IC LM317

Authors  C. Udayasri, M. Lavanya, M. Arivalagan

Comparison of Synchronous Converter Based Single-Inductor Dual and Multi-Output DC-DC Converters

Authors  M. Hemanth, K. Sravan kumar, R.A. Priya

Automated Irrigation System For Farmers Through Mobile GSM Enabled Andriod Application

Authors  V. Prabhakaran, S. Pavithra, S.K. Monisuthan

Optimal Allocation Distributed generation using Artificial Bee colony Algorithm by Etab

Authors  R. Hariharan, P. Usha Rani

Experimental study on smoke and NOx optimization parameters in biodiesel engine for GENSET engine applications

Authors  Sairam S.G.N.V, Kumaran P

Effect of Milling Time and CNTS in Aluminum Alloy Composite Produced By Ballmilling Process

Authors  D. Masilamani, S. Madhu, Achanta. Vineel Satyakanth, Vignesh B

GSM and GPS Survey of Bike Security system using Biometric

Authors  Akkammagari Suresh, S. Pavithra

Hybrid Thermoelectric Based Emergency Lamp

Authors  K. Hithesh*, M. Rajalakshmi

Performance and Emission Analysis on C.I Engine with Neem Oil Bio Diesel at Different Load Conditions

Authors  Saikiran, V. Sakthimurugan

Vibration analysis of diesel filled by jatropha biodiesel blends

Authors  Challam. Naveen Kumar, T.S.A. Suryakumari

Engine bearing fault diagnosis using vibration measurements techniques

Authors  S. Venkatesh, G. Viswanath

Laptop Theft Alarm

Authors  P. Siva Teja, Anoop K.J

Injection Pressure Optimization study for Off Road Diesel Engine Application

Authors  S. Aarvindakshaan, S. Dinesh

Experimental Studies and Optimization of Abrasive Water Jet Machining Process for Granite

Authors  Vijayakumar S.R, Gajendran S

Development of XML Based Keyword Search with Clustered Results for Efficient Data Retrieval

Authors  Ethirajan V, Priya R.A, Niranjan padhi, D. Ugandhar

Bio Sand Filter (BSF) Using RO Membrane Layer to Purify Unclean Water

Authors  Chandra Kumar J, Selvakumar A, Navis Paul Sriganth, V. Prabhakaran, G. Anandhakumar

Performance Investigation of Diesel Engine with Hot and Cold EGR

Authors  P. Uday kumar, P. Kumaran

Optimization of catalytic converter of engine with and without fuel additives

Authors  M.S. Suresh Kumar, S. Madhu

Hybrid Thermoelectric Based Mobile Charger

Authors  P. Narendra, M. Rajalakshmi

Performance and emission characteristics of CI engine by using sesame oil

Authors  M. Yuvaraj, V. Sakthimurugan

Vibration Analysis of two Cylinder Diesel engine using Biodiesel Blends

Authors  Abdul Hafeez Asif, T.S.A. Suryakumari

Study and performance of twin cylinder tractor engine using Bio diesel

Authors  Saravana Kumar. R, Viswanath. G

Vibration Analaysis of Disc Brake Pad

Authors  Mohamed Raafiq N, Dinesh S

Designing of Stand-Alone PV Model Unit in a Medium Town with Real-Time Data Survey via Energy Audit

Authors  Vignesh T*, Lokesh M, V. Prabhakaran, G. Anandhakumar

Experimental study on Engine Performance and Emission using Biodiesel Blend with diesel Additives for Industrial Engine Applications

Authors  U. Vignesh, Kumaran P

Comparison Study of Combustion Parameters with Two Turbochargers in Biodiesel Engine for Genset Applications

Authors  B. Vignesh, S. Madhu

Performance and Emission Characteristics of DI Engine by using Jatropha Oil

Authors  Y. Suresh, V. Sakthi Murugan

Concept of Solar Based Electromagnetic Power Drive Engine for Automobile

Authors  Murali Narayana Reddy K, Viswanath G

Experimental Study on Engine Performance with and Without Hot EGR System in Naturally Aspirated Diesel Engine

Authors  Harsha Y, S. Dinesh

Automatic Braking Using Drowsiness Detection System

Authors  M. Lokesh, T. Vignesh, K.S. Kamalesh Kumar, V. Prabhakaran, G. Anandhakumar

Performance and Emission Analysis of Single Cylinder Engine Using Ash Coated Piston with Pongamia Oil

Authors  Kumaran P, Mohanamurugan S, Rakeshkumar Seervi D

A comparative analysis of emission level in two wheeler above and below 100 CC scooters

Authors  Achanta. Vineel satyakanth, Madhu S, Vignesh B, Arvind TD, Rakesh Kumar, Uday Kumar P

Performance and Emission Study on C.I Engine with Coconut Oil Bio Diesel at Different Load Conditions

Authors  P. Karthikeyan, V. Sakthimurugan

Design and Structural Analysis of Crankshaft Using Solid works

Authors  K.Govardhanann, G. Viswanathan

Study of Vibration Levels of Diesel Engine with and Turbocharger Diesel Engine for Proper Test Bed Installation

Authors  M. Nirmal Kumar Naik, S. Dinesh

Enhanced Security Algorithm Using Biometric Keys

Authors  S. Pavithra, P. Muthukannan, V. Prabhakaran

Study of Vibrations on Steering Wheel - A Review

Authors  Manish reddy N

Effects and Advantages of Gasoline Direct Injection System

Authors  Vishwanath M, S. Madhu

Performance and Emission Study on C.I Engine with Palm Oil Bio Diesel at Different Load Conditions

Authors  C. Raveen Rohith, V. Sakthimurugan

Performance of Fuel Injector Nozzle in Nano Hole Design

Authors  P. Anvesh, G. Vishwanath

Electro Magnetic Braking System

Authors  G. Guna, S. Dinesh

Implementation of ANC Techniques for Acoustic Noise Reduction

Authors  Selvakumar A, Chandra Kumar J, Ben Richards A.R, Prabhakaran V, G. Anandhakumar

Swirl two stroke engine

Authors  P. Giritharan, Madhu S

Performance and Emission Study on C.I Engine with Rapeseed Oil Bio Diesel at Different Load Conditions

Authors  J. Ajay, V. Sakthimurugan

Study and performance of twin cylinder tractor engine using cooking oil

Authors  Abhishek P, Viswanath G

Renowned Treatment Methods and Identification of Tannery Waste with Engineering Safety and Regulatory Laws

Authors  Ben Richards A.R, Chandrakumar J, V. Prabhakaran, G. Anandhakumar

Weight Optimization of FSAE Knuckle

Authors  V. Sakthi Murugan, R. Balamurali

Secure Method for Biometric-Based Recognition with Integrated Cryptographic Functions

Authors  S. Pavithra, V. Prabhakaran

An Experimental Research on Intake Design & Analysis for FSAE

Authors  R.Balamurali, V. Sakthi Murugan

Wi-Fi Enabled Automatic Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle for Bomb Diffusion

Authors  V. Prabhakaran, S. Pavithra, P. Sam Daniel