Special Issues

Unsupervised Segmentation of Automatic Cell Nucleus Detection in Microscopy Images

Authors  M. Anto Bennet, Lakshmi Sree, V.V. Aruna, A. Durga Devi

RFID Based Audio Guidance Cane for Blind People Navigation for Easy Transportation

Authors  S. Lokesh, M. Anto Bennet, S. Vishalni, D. Haritha, K. Mahalakshmi

Reconfigurable Processor for Image and Video Application

Authors  Anto Bennet M, N. Sathya, M. Priya, M. Mageswari, M. Kayalvizhi

Performance Analysis of Optical Character Recognition Using Adaptive Binarization of Degraded Document Images

Authors  M. Manimaraboopathy, M. Anto Bennet, A. Priya, S. Vijayalakshmi, D. Hemavathy

Certain Investigations of an Energy Efficient Predictive Technique Using Voronoi Prediction based Tracking Using Sequential Patterns

Authors  S. Lokesh, M. Anto Bennet, R. Chandiya, K. Jayashree, K.R. Swetha

Interference Alignment for LTE Femtocell Simulation of Different Modulation Technique

Authors  Thamilvalluvan B, Anto Bennet M, Kumaran M, Subash R, Sudhagar M

Design & Implementation of low Power & High speed Optimization with Multi-Bit Flip-Flops

Authors  G. Sankar Babu, M. Anto Bennet, S. Lokesh, P. Karthika, B. Pavithra

Certain Investigations of Novel Overlay Underlay Cognitive Radio Waveform Using Frame Decision SMSE Networks

Authors  S. Lokesh, M. Anto Bennet, S. Mahalakshmi, K. Sandhiya, Narala Venkata Vyshnavi

Performance and Analysis of Wide band Fractal Microscript Antenna using Compact grounded coplanar Waveguide

Authors  S. Sankaranarayan, M. Anto Bennet, Nandhinee Prakash, Y. Niranjana, D.S. Gayathri

Coasting Period Back EMF Generation in Urban Board

Authors  Anbarasan V, Deepak Kumar A, Varun Kumar M, Muralidar D

Dynamic Foot Pressure Measurement by Using Web Cam

Authors  M. Lakshmi Ravi Teja, Paparao Nalajala, Bhavana Godavarthi

Computational Investigation of Flow over Rough Flat Plate

Authors  J. Devipriya, S. Manigandan, S. Nithya, P. Gunasekar

Finite Element Analysis of Droplet Impact on Kevlar Flat Plate

Authors  S. Nithya, S. Manigandan, J. Devipriya, P. Gunasekar

Advanced Web Usage Mining Framework Based on Web Navigation Recommender System

Authors  T Keerthi Kiran, S Pradeep

Weighted Combination of Fault - Based Discrete Software Reliability Growth Models

Authors  B. Arunkumar, A.M.J. Muthukumaran

Experimental Evaluation of Metal Nanocompopsite Al- Epoxy in Kevlar

Authors  J. Devipriya, S. Manigandan, P. Gunasekar, S. Nithya

Review on High Frequency Trading Algorithm for Stock Market

Authors  Ravi Kumar Ramayanapu, Selvakumar A

A Review on Content Base Image Retrieval Techniques

Authors  Syed Arif, Niranjana G

Adaptive Forward Lighting System for Better Visibility of Roads While Negotiating Curves during Night Time

Authors  A. Rajasekaran, D. Kumaran, K. Jegadeesan

Development of Autonomous Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance Vehicle

Authors  Veeranaath V, Arun prasath S

Wear and Mechanical properties of Aluminium hybrid composite (Al2024/B4C/Graphite) fabricated by powder metallurgy

Authors  I. Aatthisugan, A. Razal Rose, D. Selwyn Jebadurai, R. Karthikeyan

Experimental investigation on post welds heat treatment of TIG welded stainless steel joints

Authors  A. Razal Rose, I. Aatthisugan, D. Selwyn Jebadurai, R. Cibie

Implementation of 5S in sales warehouse

Authors  D. Selwyn Jebadurai, A. Razal Rose, I. Aatthisugan, Bibin Baby

Wear behaviour of Aluminium Magnesium alloy reinforced with Silicon Carbide

Authors  Ramprasth B, Murugesan R

Emission NOx Control by using SCR for Off Road Engine

Authors  G Balaji, D Premnath, Bhushan V Deshmukh, Vaibhav D Ghadage, Suraj Salvi

Experimental Investigation on Performance and Emission Characteristics of CI Engine Fuelled With Castor Oil and Ethanol Blended Diesel

Authors  Joji Johnson, Barathraj R K, Dinesh S

A Review on Software Defined Networking: Improving the Future of Network

Authors  Md. Soyaib, M. Eliazer

Authenticated Cloud Data Service Using Attribute Based Encryption

Authors  Rakesh Venkat Battu, Mangalagowri R

An Experimental Study of Bamboo Fibre Coated With HDPE and Reinforced With Abs

Authors  Deborah Serenade Stephen

Data mining in CRM - a Survey

Authors  P. Deepa

Framework for reliable re encryption in cloud

Authors  Deepa P, Magesh G, Sanjana N, Ahana Roy Chowdhury

A Methodology for Transformation of Small Scale Enterprises Using Simple Tools

Authors  Vezhavendhan R, S. Narayanan

Energy Absorption Analysis in Front Bumper of a Car

Authors  S. Seenuvas, N. Nagendran, N. Gayathri, T.V.B. Babu, R. Manjunathan

Finite Element Analysis of composite multi leaf spring

Authors  Nitesh Panchal, Akash Mohanty

Modeling and Analysis of Lower Wishbone for Independent Suspension System for Commercial Vehicles

Authors  Ramesh Udhayakumar A, Siddhartha D, Sethu Raman A, Ramanan N, Karthi V

Investigation of Stacking Sequence on Glass and Kevlar Fiber

Authors  S. Nithya, S. Manigandan, P. Gunasekar, J. Devipriya, WSR. Saravanan

Internet of Things in Healthcare Management

Authors  Jananie B.R, M. Rajasekaran

Optimization of WEDM process parameters for aluminium matrix composites (356/B4C) using Taguchi technique

Authors  J. Udaya Prakash and T.V. Moorthy

Performance evaluation of cascade refrigeration system using alternative refrigerant couples

Authors  R. Santhanakrishnan, V. Shanmugam

Tensile and Impact Ananlysis of Coated and Uncoated Kenaf Fiber Reinforced Composite

Authors  G. Boopathy, A. Ramesh Udhayakumar, D. Siddhartha, N. Ramanan

Tribological studies on properties of Al2O3 reinforced Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene

Authors  Arun A, Sathiyamoorthy V, Vivek Anand S.M.K, Ganesh Boopathy V, R. Prasanth

A Novel Approach to Identify the Micro calcification Images

Authors  Kiran Bala B

Parametric Optimization in CNC Turning of Martensitic Stainless Steel 416 using Taguchi Method

Authors  S. Nandhakumar, R. Shanmuga Prakash

Text Extraction and Recognition from Mixed Images

Authors  L. Ramesh, E. Dinesh

A Field Guide on Internet of Things Research Methodologies

Authors  S. Divya Meena, M. Anitha Mary, M. Mangaleswaran

Experimental Investigation of Cardanol Ethyl Ester as an Alternative Fuel for Diesel Engine

Authors  Sundarraj Chockalingam and Saravanakumar Chowdry S

Mechanical and metallurgical characterization of AA7075-fly ash composites produced by liquid state method

Authors  V. Mohanavel, S. Suresh Kumar, R. V. Srinivasan, P. Ganeshan, K. T. Anand

Hybrid Segmentation Technique based on Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform and Watershed Algorithm for Satellite Images

Authors  Rajmohan K, Thirugnanam G and Mangaiyarkarasi P

A Survey on Mapping of Terms between HealthCare Seekers and Patients

Authors  Judah Benhur Varma, K. Deeba

A Novel Approach to Generate a Key for Cryptographic Algorithm

Authors  Kiran Bala B

A Reversible Image Authentication Technique based Watermarking in ICA-DWT Combined Approach

Authors  Siva kannan S, G. Thirugnanam, P. Mangaiyarkarasi

Traffic aware priority based medium access control protocol for WSN

Authors  B. Dheenadhayalan, S. Sivakannan, Rose Varghese

Comparison of Image Denoising Techniques in Spatial Domain for Colour Images

Authors  Angulakshmi C, Somasundaram S

Secured pin entry method for ATM using steganopin and session key methods

Authors  S. Shanmuga Priya, Ancy Breen W, V.S Rajkumar, Latha

Wavelet Packet based Image Fusion method for Medical Images

Authors  Santhi P, Thirugnanam G and Mangaiyarkarasi P

Vibration Analysis of Xylon Coated Spur Gears

Authors  M. Karthick, M. Sundarraj, T. Raja

Design of a Substrate Board for Heat Transfer Enhancement from an Array of Discrete Heat Sources

Authors  Tapano Kumar Hotta, Rahul Narnindi

An Experimental Investigation of IC-Engine using Nano Material Dispersed Biodiesel

Authors  E. Prakash, N. Nagendran, R. Suresh, N. Gayathri, N. Karthick

Numerical Analysis of Ballistic Impact on Combination of Polymer and Aluminum

Authors  N. Nagendran, S. Seenuvas, N. Gayathri, N. Karthick, S. Aravindh

IoT Based Controlled Diagnosis and Therapeutic Governing System for Emergency Services through Opportunistic Networks

Authors  Latha. R, Koushik C.P, P. Vetrivelan, Elizabeth Chang

Effect of Particle Size Distribution on CFD Simulation of Fluidization of Alumina Particles

Authors  Suraj Marale, Manoj Jadhav, Ashish Shete, Niranjana Behera

Crawling of Web documents: A Survey

Authors  P. Mahalakshmi and S. Thenmalar

Analysis of Software Engineering Project Management Activities In IT Industry

Authors  Biswa Ranjan Mohapatra, Jaya Krushna Panda

Strategic Risk management of Software Engineering Projects And its Impact on Quality

Authors  Biswa Ranjan Mohapatra, Jaya Krushna Panda

Service oriented procedure for governing Services of real time systems

Authors  Sunaina Reddy V, Prasanth Y

Artificial Bee Colony for Socially Aware Networking

Authors  A. Manikandan, C. Rajarajachozhan

Low-Power Content Addressable Memory Based on Sparse Clustered Networks

Authors  A. Manikandan, P. Nithya

OFDM Technique Decoding Accelerator

Authors  A. Manikandan, P. Nirmal Kumar

RFID Based Voice Bank Alert System for Blind People

Authors  A. Manikandan, S.Tamilselvan