Special Issues

Finite element analysis of electrically enhanced friction stir welding

Authors  M. Boopathi, Giriraj Mannayee

Steady State Performance of Sliding Contact Bearings with Non-Newtonian Fluids

Authors  Devendra Kumar Patel, Shoma Mitra, Babu Chellappachetty

Influence of Nano-Materials in High Strength Concrete

Authors  Abdul Rahim and Sandanu. R.Nair

A Review on Epoxy Composites using Hollow Glass Microspheres and Nanoreinforcements

Authors  A. Rahaman, M. Imran and Soumen Pal

Design and evaluation of massive information in a MES Platform utilizing HADOOP Framework in drugs industries

Authors  Giriraj Mannayee, Srivani A, K.Manikandan

Numerical simulation of a scramjet intake with micro-cavity

Authors  Senthilkumar P, Kamalraj Thiyagaraja

A review on high speed flow with micro ramps

Authors  Senthilkumar P, Sreeja Sadasivan

Parametric design optimization of a skate cycle

Authors  Raj Kumar E, Sheldon Pinto

Vibration signal based fault diagnosis of gears using ensemble empirical mode decomposition and linguistic hedges neural fuzzy classifier with selected features

Authors  S.Devendiran, K.Manivannan, Arun tom mathew & C.Rajeswari

Performance Enhancement of Solar Parabolic Trough Collector by Fluid Flow Control and Solar Tracking System

Authors  Senthilkumar S, Durai Kumar S, D. R. S. Raghuraman

Influence of Different Waste Materials on the Compressive Strength of Medium Strength Concrete

Authors  A. Abdul Rahim, A. Rahaman

Digital hydraulic valves - a brief review

Authors  D.R.S. Raghuraman, S. Senthil Kumar

Construction of Key Mix Proportions of Concrete for Harsh Environments

Authors  Abdul Rahim A and Anun S Pramod

Design and analysis of enhancing secure data in a pharmaceutical industry manufacturing execution system platform using a cloud computing paradigm

Authors  Giriraj Mannayee, Muthu S

An experimental investigation on dynamic modulus of elasticity of fly ash based steel fiber reinforced concrete

Authors  A.Sofi, Ayush shukla

Exergy analysis of dehumidifier in a combined two stage desalination and cooling plant

Authors  C. Chiranjeevi, T. Srinivas

Design considerations and overview of an engine exhaust manifold gasket

Authors  K. Nanthagopal, B. Ashok, Harshit Sabloke, Amit Agrawal

Influence of temperature on behaviour of concrete

Authors  T.S.Viswanathan, K.Srnivasan, V.Sairam, M.Giriraj

Review on various experimental methods in Warm Hydroforming of Sheet Metals

Authors  C.Pandivelan

CFD analysis of commercial bus models for improvement of aerodynamic performance

Authors  N. Govindha Rasu, A. M. Renil, S. J. Sachin, and J. kevin

Channel type heat exchangers used in cooling of electronic chips and central processing units of computers: an overview

Authors  Raghuraman DRS, Thundil Karupparaj R, Rao BVA

Affordable and Light Weight Handheld Cotton Picker for Biotechnological Applications in India

Authors  Aniket S Deshmukh, Akash Mohanty

Deformation behaviour of α - β brass at high temperature and at different strain rates

Authors  Praveen Kumar, Bhagwati Prasad Kashyap

A Survey on Cloud resource configuration in Manufacturing execution system Platform using Pharmaceutical Industries

Authors  Giriraj Mannayee, S.Muthu