Special Issues

Scheduled H and X Medicine Dispenser PoC Design

Authors  Agnus S. Swarnanisha Lakshmi, S. Palanivel Rajan

Charging series hybrid electrical vehicle Traction battery with design of DC/DC converter

Authors  P. Alageswari, S. Kirthika

Design of Low-Power Specific Parallel Array Multipliers

Authors  C Vivek, R. Subalakshmi

Implementation of Distributed Operating System for industrial process automation using embedded technology

Authors  K. Kaarthik, P. Yuvarani

Real Time Performance Analysis for Fault Diagnosis in Heat Exchanger Using ANFIS and SVM Methods

Authors  S. Monisa, S. Vijayachitra

Blending Augmented Reality and Cloud – Need of the hour and an innovative approach

Authors  S. Palanivel Rajan, C. Vivek

Pneumatic Conveying System Control using Real Time Operating System

Authors  V. Prabhu, S. Ram Prakash

Solid Non-Biodegradable Waste Segregation Using Matlab and Robotic ARM

Authors  P. Ranjani, A.L. Chockalingam

Design of Patch Antenna Array for Radar Communication

Authors  S. Palanivel Rajan, M. Poovizhi

SEPIC Converter Based Dynamic Power Tracking From Wind Energy Conversion System

Authors  P. Santhoshini, P. Maniraj

Performance analysis of shunt active filter with hysteresis Current control Technique

Authors  K. Sarasvathi, M. Lincy Luciana

Design of A Fuzzy Based Multi-Stack Voltage Equalizer for Partially Shaded PV Modules

Authors  K. Sundararaju, R. Senthilkumar, M. Yuvaraj

Biological synthesis of iron oxide nanoparticles using Streptomyces sp. and its antibacterial activity

Authors  Jositta Sherine, Annie Sujatha, Maheshwaran Rathinam

Design of Novel Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Power Quality Improvement

Authors  S. Sunandha, K. Sarasvathi

A Hybrid Compensation Controller for Switched Reluctance Motor Drive

Authors  Uma J

Review of Low Power and High Speed Implementation of 3-bit Flash Analog to Digital Converter

Authors  C. Vivek, S. Palanivel Rajan

Investigations of various filters for lung cancer CT images

Authors  P. Yuvarani, S. Maheswari

A Survey on Efficient Power allocation for OFDM – Based Cognitive Radio Systems

Authors  T. Abirami, R. Gayathri

A novel strategy for blood glucose control in human body using PID-Fuzzy Logic Controller

Authors  Amuthameena S

An Aqueous Solvent Extraction of Polyphenols from Jack Fruit Waste: Response Surface Modelling and Optimization

Authors  S. Jeeva, K. Anbarasi, D. Dhanaraja, G. Selvabarathi

Analysis of nutrient requirement of crops using its leaf

Authors  M. Anitha, K. Kaarthik

Analysis of MLSA for Low Power CAM Design

Authors  Arulpriya S, Sheikdavood K

Analysis of Saliency Recognition through Comparable Image Recovery

Authors  Sheikdavood K, Arulpriya S

A Survey on Secured Data Transaction in Public/Private Data Cloud Services

Authors  E. Dinesh, S.M. Ramesh

Battery Charging System using Soft Computing technique

Authors  K. Divya, A. Saranya

Analysis of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube as On-Chip Interconnect

Authors  R. Gayathri, T. Abirami

High-Speed Encoder and Decoder of the Binary Golay Code

Authors  S. Gowri and K. Ribana

Relevant analysis for Beam switching applications through ACSFSS and double sided biasing

Authors  N.V. Andrews, K. Kaarthik

Mitigation of Harmonics by Fuzzy Logic Control Based Active Filter with Different Fuzzy Membership Functions

Authors  Lincy Luciana M, Sunandha S

IoT Based Real Time Traffic Analyzer

Authors  A. Manikandan, J. Sakthivel

Research avenues in WSN-A Survey

Authors  C. Nandagopal, S.M. Ramesh

Packet Delivery and Numerous Redundancies in Ipv4 Network through GLBP

Authors  V. Nirmala, A. Sridevi

Sliding Mode Control Techniques of Distillation Column

Authors  Vimala Starbino A