Special Issues

Electrospinning of Biopolymers and Biopolymer Blends

Authors  Sandra Fuchs, Jessica Hartmann, Patrycja Mazur, Vanessa Reschke, Helena Siemens, Daria Wehlage, Andrea Ehrmann

Mathematical Modeling of Processes in Combustion Chambers of Coal-Fired Boilers

Authors  Askarova A.S, Bolegenova S.A, Maximov V.Yu

Occurrence of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacterial Strains Isolated in Carrier Pigeons during the Race Season

Authors  Frantisek Zigo, Ladislav Takac, Martina Zigova, Jana Takacova, Milan Vasi

Abnormal Calcium Channels: Role on Generation of ST Segment Depression, T-wave Alternant and T- wave Inversion – A Computational Study

Authors  Gulothungan G, Malathi R

Lyophilized Excipient Based: A Technique for Taste Masking of Oral Disintegrating Tablet of Ranitidine

Authors  Rahul Rajput, Umakant Verma, Jayesh Patil and Jitendra Naik

Impact of Pharmaceutical Care on Economic, Clinical and Humanistic Outcomes in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients

Authors  Kanchana Dussa, Parimalakrishnan. S, M VishnuvardhanRao, Rakesh Sahay

Performance Analysis of Modified Round Robin Algorithm

Authors  D Naresh Kumar

Microwave Assisted Synthesis and Characterization of 2-Cyano-N-(4-Oxo-2-Substituted Thiazolidin-3-yl) Acetamide derivatives

Authors  Satish M. Chavan, Raghunath B. Toche, Vasant M. Patil, Sunita V. Patil and Madhukar N. Jachak

Crown Ether Proselytized Conglomeration and Anthelmintic Evaluation of BIS-(3-Phenyl, 5-Amino Pyrazolyl)-18-Crown-6 Composite

Authors  Karpakavalli M, Sasikala M, Sangilimuthu AY, Komala M and Mohan S

Grid Interface Bidirectional AC/DC Converter with Suitable Hysteresis-Band Current Control for Residential application

Authors  R. Rajasekaran, P. Usha rani