Special Issues

Surface Geo-Electrical Sounding for the Determination of Aquifer Characteristics in part of the Palar Sub-Basin, Tamilnadu, India

Authors  M. Mathiazhagan, T. Selvakumar, G. Madhavi

Investigation of Ammonia removal from synthetic wastewater during column studies of Soil Aquifer Treatment

Authors  T. Selvakumar, G. Madhavi

Oxidative degradation of glycyl glycine by PMS in the neutral medium

Authors  R. Sasikala, D. Easwaramoorthy, K. Karthikeyan, I.Mohammed Bilal and S. Kutti Rani

A Comparative Study on recovery of silk dyes Acid Red 10 B and Acid Pink BE by using Solvent extraction, Bulk Liquid membrane and Supported Liquid Membrane through tri-n-butyl phosphate as carrier

Authors  N.Hajarabeevi and K.Palanivelu

Corrosion Inhibition and Adsorption Behaviour of Thiourea and 3- Mercapto Propionic Acid on Mild Steel in Methane Sulphonic Medium

Authors  V.Rajapriya1, K.Uma2, Dr.S.Rekha3

Effects of environmental safe biodegradable compounds on ecofriendly electroless copper deposition

Authors  P. BalaRamesh1,*, P. Venkatesh2 and A. Sampath2

Interrelationship between Chemistry and Performance Grade Properties of Blended Bitumen

Authors  N.K. Rajan

Experimental Studies on Concrete by Replacing Coarse Aggregates with Recycled Aggregates

Authors  T. Pauline1, V. Ashok2

Groundwater flow model of unconfined aquifer, South Coimbatore

Authors  Shanthi S

Experimental Study on Strength Properties of High performance Concrete Using Copper Slag as a Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate

Authors  K.Sabarishri1 , V.Saichaitanya2, S.Raguvaran3, K.Sarathkumar4, M.Mohankuamar5

Vulnerability Assessment of Seawater Intrusion in Ramanadhapuram Coastal Region, Tamil Nadu, India

Authors  S.Kalaivani*1 G.Nagarajan2, R.Munirathnam3, R.Prasath4, A.Mohamed Azarudeen5

Acid Resistant Characteristic of Flyash Based Geopolymer Concrete

Authors  Dr.R.Sathia

Efficient Energy Perception and Power Theft Preclusion Using Ied

Authors  S.Satish kumar, S.Ramarajan, T. Arun Srinivas

Hybrid usage of Photo Voltaic and Wind Turbine Systems to attain Self-Sustainability of electric power in Waste water Treatment Plant

Authors  S.Ramarajan, T.Arun srinivas, S.Satish Kumar

Hydro carbon emission reduction by using an efficient Two stage LED Street Lighting System with fly-back and sepic converter

Authors  J. Xavi Ahisha Ancy1 K.Vasanth2 T.Arun Srinivas 3

Proactive integrated detection to identify sleepy driver and RFID based auto zone detection for speed control

Authors  Sridevi V1, Roshan Srivatsa S2, Premnath R2, Naresh K2

Design of ECG Monitoring System of Multiple Patients Using GSM

Authors  Y.Anitha*, R.Jhansirani

Comparative analysis of Various PV modules for Energy Generation

Authors  Crisbin.P*1, M.Sasikumar2

Harmonic Current Reduction Using Hysteresis Current Controller for Renewable Energy Applications

Authors  H.S Manjula,L.Jayashree,Dr.M.Sasikumar

Determination of Marine Targets In The Presence of Sea Clutter for Synthetic Aperture Radar

Authors  T.Jagadesh*, N.Ananthalakshmi

SVM Control Scheme for Voltage Sag Compensation in Medium- Level DVR

Authors  L.Jayashree,H.S Manjula, M.Sasikumar

PLC Based Smart Meter for Effective Energy Management

Authors  P.RajaRajeswari, M.Devi, Dr.M.Sasikumar

Design and Analysis of Flywheel Energy Storage System for Power Electronic Interface

Authors  V.Ramya*, R.Ramaprabha

Simulation of a Multi-level Unidirectional PFC Rectifier for Higher Efficiency

Authors  Catherine Amala Priya E*, Ashly Mary Tom, Sellakumar,Suganya.V



Design and Implementation of Detection of Buried Human and Animal Bodies Under Debris Victims and Localization Them Using Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR) Using CW Signals

Authors  T.R.Chenthil*, M.Suman, M.Srinivasan

Implementation of Master Slave Flip-Flop and Latches in VLSI Circuits

Authors  J.Jebastine*, S.R.Anisha, R.Jeba

Photovoltaic Based Advanced Active Clamping technique for Current-fed Push-Pull Converter

Authors  K.Abarna,S.Divya,M.Sasi kumar

Development of Communication Device for Blind-Deaf People: Mobile Lorm Glove

Authors   G. Sathiyabama1*, V.Devi Sudha2

Role of Gabor Filter in Various Image Processing Techniques

Authors  Kasthuri.B, 2J.Venu Gopala Krishnan