Special Issues

A Survey on Discovery of Knowledge about Web users Web Access Behaviour

Authors  E. Manohar, D. Shalini Punithavathani

Truthful Detection of Packet losses using Homomorphic Linear Authenticator in Dynamic Environment

Authors  J. Jeno Mactaline Pears, D.C. Joy Winnie Wise

Overcome Jamming Attacks using TDBS with Compromise Resilient Anti-Jamming Scheme in WSN

Authors  M. Priyanga, S. Malaiarasan, B. Benita

An Efficient Clone Node Detection Scheme using Enhanced Random walk in Wireless Sensor Network

Authors  K. Sindhukavi, P. Brundha, P.J. Beslin Pajila

Enhanced Arbitrary Topology Generalization and Broadcast Encryption with W-RGK Scheme

Authors  R. Rasi Raj

A Failure Recovery of Map using SFDA for an Energy Efficient Data Transmission in Mobile Synchronized Wireless Sensor Network

Authors  N. Renga Veni, T. Samraj Lawrence, J. Jevin

Congestion Control and Avoidance using Dynamic TCP Vegas in Ad-Hoc Social Network

Authors  E. Praisy, C. Gopala krishan

Efficient Load Balancing and Extending Lifetime using Cost-Aware Secure Routing Protocol in WSN

Authors  A. Kalyani Sundari, G. Aravind Swaminathan, V. Perathu Selvi

Hop by Hop Authentication Scheme using ECDSA for WSN

Authors  D. Nishan Nithya, S. Gomathi

Global Positioning Accuracy for Mobile Phone Localization using Wide Area Augmentation (WAA) and Glocal

Authors  D.K. Aarthy, S. Janani

Smart Transportation using Scheme Card for Automatic Fare Collection System in Public Bus Services

Authors  Indumathi K, Indumathi V, Leena Jenifer L

Efficient Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks using MAC Protocol

Authors  M. Vidhya, T.C. Vidhya, J. Jainee Sharmila

An Authentication Technique using Fractal Recognition and RFID

Authors  D.C. Jullie Josephine, K.G. Saravanan

An Adaptive Scheme for Wireless Video Authentication using Visual Cryptography and Stegnography

Authors  S. Divya, L. Jenitha Mary, D. Sterlin Rani

Self-Configurable Clustering using FLB to improve Network Lifetime in WSN

Authors  M. Parameswari, T. Sasilatha

An Indoor Location Aware Architecture IOT Based Heterogeneity Smart Museum

Authors  J. Jinu sophia, S. Gracia Nissi, S. Deepika

Robust Perceptual Video Hashing Based on Histogram Equalization and Sift

Authors  D.R. Denslin Brabin, M. Maharajan

Performance Analysis of Active Vibration Control in Cantilever Beam using PZT

Authors  F. Fredrick Gnanaraj, K.R. Vijaya Kumar

Classification of Multimodal Sensor Medical Images Based on Image Fusion using Wavelet Transform

Authors  Babu G, Sivakumar R, Evangeline

Optimum Modulation Technique for WSN

Authors  S. Vinodhini, B. Priya

Automatic Early Detection of Skin Cancer using Back Propagation Network

Authors  P. Mohamed sajid, A. Rajesh

SimpliciTI PAWN – Personal Assisting Wireless Nodes

Authors  Saravanan Elangovan, Ajin Roch

Sizing of Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources and Battery Systems in Residential Microgrids using Real Time Operating Systems

Authors  S. Balasubramaniam and R. Kavithasudha

Implementation of Breakneck Self Timed Adder

Authors  Duraivel A.N, B. Paulchamy, E.N. Ganesh

Smart Transmission Line Multi Fault Detector With Transformer Protection

Authors  J. Vijay, N. Suriya, R.M. Bommi, R. Narmadha, S.Nirmala

Implementation of GPS Based Acoustic Positioning System to Locate Underwater Vehicle

Authors  L. Sharmila, K. Srisabarimani

Speech enhancement of alt speech using spectral Subtraction and template matching

Authors  Poornima K.A, Vennila D.A

Occlusion Analysis using T- Scan Technology

Authors  Vinoth Kumar G, Antony Fernandes, Lalith Radhakrishnan, Akhil Goud, L. Eshwar Prasad Reddy, Ashwin V Daniel

ANN Based Assessment of Disfluent Speech

Authors  Sheena Christabel Pravin, S.K. Ranganath, R. Anjana, T. Prabhu Pandiyan, Pradeep Rangarajan

Design and Analysis of Modern Switching Sequence for Bus Clamping Technique used in Hybrid Power System with SVPWM Method

Authors  R. Gunasekari, P.C. Kishore Raja, R. Dhanalakshmi, M. Thanuja

A Non-Invasive Technique to Detect Thyroid Dysfunction using Body Fluid and Temperature

Authors  B. Suresh Chander Kapali and S. Muttan

Visible light communication using light fidelity technology Utilization of led and proposal of dimming in indoor communication

Authors  B. Anitha vijayalakshmi, M. Nesasudha

Automated calcification cluster detection in mammograms and Classification using SVM classifier

Authors  Venmathi A R, E N Ganesh, N. Kumaratharan

State-of-Art Review of Ceramic Reinforced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite and it’s Machining Characteristics

Authors  D. Srinivasan, R.S. Kadadeveramath, S. Rajendran, Ganesh

Mathematical Model for Predicting Thrust Force in Drilling of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic composites by Solid Carbide twist drill

Authors  A. Muniaraj, S. Hanish Anand

Haptic Feedback System for Sensing the Texture of an Object

Authors  Deepalakshmi A, Lekashri S