Special Issues

Synthesis of thio-Pyrimidine, Benzoxazole, Benzothiazole and Triazole Analogues from Baylis-Hillman Bromides as Potent Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibitors

Authors  Amlipur Santhoshi

Synthesis and Spectral Characterization of tetra dentate Schiff bases and their Zn (II) Complexes

Authors  Sreenivas V, Aruna M and Ravinder V

Synthesis and Sp ectral Characterization of 3-Amino Coumarin based new Schiff base and its Metal Complexes

Authors  Shylaja Kotte , Srikanth Goskula, Sreenivas Vasam,V.Ravinder

Structural Elucidation using Raman and IR Spectroscopy

Authors  Goparaju Savitri

Applications of Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Authors  Kommu Naresh

Structural elucidation of compounds using different types of spectroscopic techniques

Authors  Ashok Alishala

HNMR spectrometry in structural elucidation of organic compounds

Authors  N.Vasavi

Structural elucidation of small organic molecules by 1dsolution NMR Spectroscopy

Authors  K.Srilatha

Synthesis and Characterization of N - Cbz L-Aspartic acid-methyl ester

Authors  Ch. Nirmalahrudaya

Structural elucidation of Terpenoids by spectroscopic techniques

Authors  G.Manasa

Suitable methods for purification of fluoride free water

Authors  Ravi Kumar G 1, Sumalatha P 2