Special Issues

Leachate analysis of the tannery sludge amended by zero-valent iron nanoparticles under dynamic condition

Authors  M. Arthy, and B.R. Phanikumar

Role of plants in constructed wetlands (CWS): a review

Authors  Kruti B. Jethwa, Samir Bajpai

Performance studies on compressed air driven modified commercial two stroke engine

Authors  Deepakumaran.R, Shashank.S, Ebenezer.D, Tarun.M

Impact of Bio-Oil on Combustion, Performance and Emissions of Diesel Engine

Authors  J.Kuberan, N.Alagumurthi

Parametric study of a two stage humidification dehumidification desalination plant

Authors  Chiranjeevi. C, Srinivas. T

Performance and Emission of Vegetable Shell Pyrolysed oil blended with Diesel fuel in a DI Diesel Engine

Authors  K. Venkatesan

A numerical study of fluid transport phenomenon over two Tandem and side-by-side circular cylinders by LBM

Authors  D Arumuga Perumal, G V S Kumar, Anoop K Dass

Modeling and analysis of Low Temperature Kalina Cycle System

Authors  K Deepak, A.V.S.S.K.S. Gupta

Rapid chloride permeability test for durability studies on corrosion inhibiting self-compacting concrete

Authors  R.Dharmaraj, R.Malathy

Studies on modulus of subgrade reaction of reinforced foundation soil using model Plate Load test

Authors  Nayana N. Patil, H.M. Rajashekar Swamy, and R. Shivashankar

Control of structure with tuned liquid column damper

Authors  Salsala Abubaker, S.Nagan, and T.Nasar

Comparative study of linear and nonlinear deflection of building frame for lateral seismic loads

Authors  Riyas Moideen and U.K. Dewangan

Review Analysis of Casting Defects with Respect to Indian Standards in Cast Iron Foundry

Authors  Narayanaswamy.C, Natarajan.K

Comparison of eigen frequency convergence criteria on a bridge structure

Authors  Shalem Ernest and U.K.Dewangan

Strength and Durability properties of SCC with GBFS and MetaKaolin

Authors  S. Shrihari and Seshagiri Rao M.V

Statistical Model for the Prediction of 28 Days Compressive Strength by 3 Days Compressive Strength using Response Surface Method

Authors  Sohan Gupta, R.K.Tripathi and R.K.Mishra

Finite Element and Experimental Modal Analysis of Car Door

Authors  Chandru B.T, Suresh P.M

An Augmented Reality Application System for Teachers to facilitate 3D Structural Drawings in Civil Engineeri

Authors  M.Ashokkumar

Ductile behavior of confined hybrid fibre reinforced concrete in the plastic hinging zone of RC beams

Authors  Zealakshmi D, Ravichandran A and Kothandaraman S

Special Maintenance Tools - Rear Axle

Authors  Vivek Aravind. B, Arunachalam. K