Special Issues

Experimental Investigations on Packed Bed Cooling Tower

Authors  Rajarajeshwari S and Ramana AS

Investigation of Casting Parameters and External Chills Performance onMechanical Properties of Aluminum Silicon Alloy (LM6) Castings

Authors  D.M. Wankhede, B.E. Narkhede, S.K. Mahajan

Mathematical Modelling for Dielectric Studies of Molecular Interactions of Anilines with2-butoxy Ethanol

Authors  R. Priscilla and S. Balamuralikrishnan

Synthesis and Testing of AA2014-Al2O3 (alpha) Nano-Composite

Authors  Muhammed Favas M K, Thomas George Panicker, V. Umasankar

Finite Element Simulation of Thermal Effect in Electric Discharge Machining

Authors  Kathiravan S, Pradeep Kumar J

Glass Fibre reinforced Polycarbonate for Automobile Chassis Application

Authors  Srimurugan R, Vijay Ramnath, Ananthapadmanaban D, N. Ramanan

Effect of Feeding System on Thin Walled Injection Molding

Authors  Kartik T and Rajesh R

Wear Analysis of DLC Coated Magnesium Composite for Biomedical Application

Authors  Michael Sukham, Umasankar V

A Review on Contact Ballistic Impact Studies on Monolithic Plate and Welded Joints

Authors  DharaniKumar S, Suresh Kumar S

A Review Paper on Aluminium Targets Subjected to Ballistic Loading

Authors  U. Magarajan, S. Suresh kumar

Barrelling Behaviour of Copper Powder Preforms under Different Lubricating Conditions

Authors  Balasubramanian V, Selvakumar G, Thirumalaipandian N

Performance and Emission Analysis on Diesel Engine using Blended Cotton Seed Oil with Natural Additives

Authors  Karthikeyan R, Balaji A, Arun D, Amaresh A

Welding Mechanisms during Friction Welding of Aluminium with Steel

Authors  Deepak Mani, Ananthapadmanaban D

Analysis of Factors Influencing Hardness of Al-TiB2 Composites Using Response Surface Methodology

Authors  Jenarthanan M. P, Ramesh Kumar S, Pradeep M

Optimization of Basalt Hybrid Particulate Glass Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Composite for Minimizing Delamination Effect during Milling

Authors  S. Vivekanand , K. Goutham and M.P. Jenarthanan

Free Vibration Characteristics Analysis of Prediction Modal Orthotropic Curved Panel by Using Finite Element Method

Authors  K. Karthik, A. Manimaran, R. Ganesh, V. Ramesh, S. Prabu

Experimental Analysis of Graphite Dispersed Salt Hydrates based Phase Change Materials to Determine Enhancement in their Thermophysical Properties

Authors  Vaisakh H.N

Development of an Integrated Tyre Inflation System

Authors  K.L. Hari Krishna, B. Pratheep, M. Velchandru, P. Vijay Varman, P. Monish

Recent Advancements in Shear Thickening Fluid Applications-A Review

Authors  C.G. Subramaniam and V.E. Annamalai

Wood Plastic Composite

Authors  Rajiv Raj S, Tarun Subramanian, Shashaank Yogesh*, V.E Annamalai

Optimization and comparison of process parameters of die sinking electrical discharge machined stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 304L and AISI 304H

Authors  Rajeswari R, Karthicraja J, Kirankarthik P, Kishore kumar J, Purushothaman T

Managing the New Product Development Process in a cost optimisation software module in an Automobile Industry at Chennai - A Case Study

Authors  K. Sampath Kumar and B. Asokumar

Artificial Intelligence Modelling of Process Parameters on Friction Drilling of Metal Matrix Composites

Authors  W. Waleed Ahmed, Visveshwar, R. Vimal Sam Singh

Fabrication of 304L Stainless Steel by Powder Metallurgy Route

Authors  P. Kishore Kumar, Gandhi Mallela, Tribhuvan, venkateswarlu, pavan kumar

Bulk Surface Coatings for Performance Enhancement In Abrasives

Authors  V.E Annamalai, Anandam Mallik, Anish P, Diwakar, Chandrasekar, Xavier Kenendy A

Friction Stir Processing of Magnesium Alloys- Review

Authors  J.P. Lalith Gnanavel, S. Vijayan

Experimental Investigation for Enhancement of Boiling Heat Transfer of Pots having Surface Modification with Flue Tube

Authors  S.S. Singh, K.B. Sahu

Investigation of Wear and Mechanical Properties of A356-SiCp-Al2O3 Hybrid Composite by Stir and Squeeze casting

Authors  K. Sekar, M. Ravi, K. Jayakumar

Experimental study of discharging characteristics of sensible and latent heat storage units integrated with solar flat plate collector

Authors  S. Mohamed Safivudeen, K.S. Jayakumar and N. Nallusamy

Design and Development of Tapioca Harvesting Machine

Authors  Belvin A, Jayakumar K.S, Jothivenkatachalapathy P, Karthi S, Jerom Zachariah S

Design and Development of Ridge and Furrow Machine for Agricultural Field

Authors  Lokesh M, Jayakumar K.S, Vijayan S, Logeshwari K, Arivazhagan C

Influence of Loading Condition on Stress Intensity Factor Determination of Threaded Bolt

Authors  K.S. Jayakumar*, S. Suresh Kumar and M. Mohamed Niwas

Design and Development of Driving Mechanism for Armless People

Authors  Javid J, Jayakumar K.S, Vijayan S, Abdul Aziz A, Dhanushuvan P, Hemanthkumar S

Design of Electronic Semi - Automatic Clutch for Manual Actuation of Clutch in a Car

Authors  R. Prakash, VR. Balaji, R. Tamilarasan, R. Ramsharma, C. Vasu Deva Krishnan

Analysis on Performance of Natural Draught Cooling Tower

Authors  Gopinath D, Gurumurthy R, Akilan A, Azhager P, Manimaran C, Prabhakaran R

Design and Optimization of Rigging & Derigging Stations for OM906, OM457 & 4D34I Engines

Authors  R. Prakash, Krishna AG, Jaghan S, Easwar MK

Design and Development of Bomb Defusal Robotic Arm Coupled with Multi-Rotor Copter

Authors  Manoranjan K.S, Manoj Kumar T, Harish Narayanan V, Ashwin R, K.L. Hari Krishna

Design and Analysis of Leaf Spring for the Enhancement of Load Carrying Capacity

Authors  Harikrishnan B, K. Jayakumar, L. Poovazhagan, Balaji S.R, Manikandan P, Naveen Bharath S

Heat Transfer Enhancement Studies in a Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger

Authors  M. Suresh, Bhaarath Ramesh and S. P. Anand

Synthesis and Mechanical Properties of Kenaf/E-glass fiber Hybrid Composite

Authors  Guhan K, K. Jayakumar, K. Rajkumar, Ejaz Ahamed S, Karthick S, Naveen A.E, P. Sabarinathan

Vibration Control of Beams using Absorber

Authors  S. Sapna, P.K. Ajidha, J. Alexander

Design and Development of Light Weight Mechanical Staircase Climbing Trolley with Better Stress Distribution

Authors  Adhyanth G Ajay, K L Harikrishna, S Bharatharajan and M Karthik Avinashilingam

Experimental Studies on the Performance of a PCM Based Thermal Storage Unit Embedded With Metal Inserts

Authors  N. Lakshmi Narasimhan, Ashwin S, Ajai Rao R, Agni A.S, Harish Kumar S

Design and Development of Temperature Sensing Mechanical Actuator using Shape Memory Alloy

Authors  Akshay Aravindan, M.S. Alphin, Aniruddh Ramesh and S. Karthik

Effect of ER4043 Filler Rod on Tungsten Inert Gas Welding of AA5083-H111 and AA6061-T6 Aluminium Alloys

Authors  Syleshkumar P.G and Subbaiah K

Effect of ER4043 and ER4047 Filler Rods on Tungsten Inert Gas Welding of AA5083-H111 and AA6061-T6 Aluminum Alloys

Authors  Srikrishna Srinivasan and K. Subbaiah

Effect of ER4047 Filler Rod on Tungsten Inert Gas Welding of AA5083-H111 and AA6061-T6 Aluminium Alloys

Authors  Waleed Ahmed W and K. Subbaiah

Effect of Heat Transfer in Tungsten Inert Gas Welding of 5000 Series Aluminium Alloys

Authors  A. Ramarajan and K. Subbaiah

Moisture removal rate of solar dryers – A review

Authors  Aravindan V, Dineshkumar A, Giriprasath B, Karthikeyan V and Ebenezer D